Thursday 22 December 2016

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas Dalmatian

Everything is winding down for Christmas over here, and it's been a lovely week having Leo at home. I finally feel like I am on top of everything for the big day now, wrapping aside of course... I always seem to leave that to the last minute. Leo has some wonderful gifts and I cannot wait to see his face when he opens them up on the big day, I am going to be vlogging Christmas Day (which is a real first for me, so I am excited about having that to look back on, and it will be something that Leo can enjoy in the years to come when he thinks back to the magic when he is all big and grown.

I will be making a start on the wrapping today, I have been stressing myself out worrying that Leo didn't have all to much to open, but as I as hiding it in different places around the house it wasn't until I put it all together that I realised how I actually had nothing to worry about... Well aside from finding homes for all of the new toys and games that will be descending on December 25th! 

One of the things that Leo is getting for Christmas is a new bike. It is something that he has been wanting for a while, and I promised him that when he learned to ride without stabilisers we could definitely look into as new set of wheels for him.  Leo took to riding straight off the bat back in the Summer holidays, he completely surprised me. He told me he was going to do it, hopped on his friends bike (without stabilisers!) and just did it. He had never even attempted before. I was there willing him to be careful, and he just took off like he had been doing it his entire life. So that is why a new bike made it to the very top of Leo's Christmas list this year!

As we only have a shed and no real way of hiding the bike within the house (away from wondering eyes!), Daddy has had to keep the bike in his spare bedroom until we can get it wrapped and over to the house on Christmas Eve! I was mainly worried about leaving the bike in our shed because it's not overly secure, and obviously we want to make sure that the bike is here to be appreciated on Christmas Day... We have been careful with everything we have purchased because you really can never be too careful.

Yale UK have put together the below video providing some very helpful tips to keep your Christmas Gifts safe this Christmas. We happen to have a cheeky puppy at home who has been showing an interest in all the gifts and of course the food! 

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