Sunday 18 December 2016

A Christmas Gift Guide For Her - What do you buy the lady who has it all?

Christmas Gift Guide For Her

What do you buy the lady who already has it all? Christmas and Birthday's can prove incredibly trying these days and you are forced to think outside the box, if your other half's are anything like me then they will just go out and buy what they want and need when they need it, which of course makes your task at hand that little bit more difficult. 

That is exactly why I have put this selection of gift ideas together, to maybe help relieve some of the stress and leg work that may descend on the run up to Christmas when you are scratching your head and worrying about what you might treat your better half too (something that she hasn't already been out and bought for herself!).

Stocking Fillers

I am known for losing my socks, I can often be found wearing a pair of Leo's, which is especially true since he has told me that I can keep his pair of Thomas the Tank Engine socks as he no longer likes him... So a real treat for me would be a pair of luxurious new socks from Pantherella. Pantherella offers a bespoke service, you can have your socks monogrammed for that special someone. These feature my initials, and I absolutely love them.

B. Complete Brushes

On the theme of stocking sized gifts, how about some B. Complete Brushes from Superdrug? They are an essential in every lady's make up bag, and you will definitely earn brownie points for gifting a staple necessity in daily women's grooming.

Women's Cross Training Gloves

If your little lady is planning on getting fit or heading back to her regime at the gym after the festive season, then these Women's Cross Training Gloves might be the perfect treat. I may be eating all of the food right now, but I personally cannot wait to get my act back in gear and start working on my summer body!



If you really want to treat the other half then I cannot recommend Olverum enough. For those of you who are not familiar with Olverum, it is a luxurious aromatic blend of essential oils, they are formulated to help ease the stress and tension that can build up through everyday life. All of the oil is pretty much absorbed by your skin, which means that there is no greasy residue left in the bath at the end. There is nothing I love more than a relaxing bath with candlelight all around. If you really wanted to spoil your loved one this Christmas you really cannot go wrong with Olverum. 

Maui Jim Mavericks

Up until I had my first pair of Maui Jim Sunglasses I had only ever really had high street pairs from the likes of New Look, I was always very self conscious at the idea of wearing shades as I didn't feel like they suited my face shape. I would rather be blinded by the sun, than look ridiculous in a pair of sunglasses. It took me years and until I discovered Maui Jim for me to feel truly happy in a pair of sunglasses. I am wearing the Maui Jim Mavericks in the above photos, and I am absolutely head over heels in love with them. I opted for the Blue Hawaii lenses that boast the MauiPure material, this means that it combines optics that are almost as crisp as SuperThin Glass with ultra light and they are also scratch and shatter resistant.

Maui Jim Mavericks

Every pair of Maui Jim's you get the patented, colour infused lens technology - PolarizedPlus2®
this wipes out 99.9% of glare, 100% of harmful UV rays and boosts colour through specially designed lens treatments, which makes your overall view clearer, crisper and even more amazing. I took this pair with me on a recent trip to New York, and they were incredible with the low sun at every turn. I definitely would not be without them now.

Christmas Essentials
PJ's have to be at the top of the Christmas Essentials list, it's always been a tradition in my family, you would get new PJ's for Christmas and on Christmas Day night you would feel all giddy and bubbly as you got ready for bed with all of the amazing treats you had received that day. This is something we always do for Leo, because to me they are essential to complete the magic of the day.


We love CyberJammies because they are always impeccable quality, and so so soft. I have this gorgeous pair of Deck The Halls Woven Berry Print Pyjamas, and I have been saving them to wear on Christmas Eve. How nice are they!?

Janiro Ginvera Gift Set

This year I took an interest in looking after my skin, up until this point my other half moisturised more than I did! I have recently discovered Janiro and their Ginvera green Tea collection. I drink a lot of Green Tea but I have never considered the health benefits it could have with my skin. This Ginvera Gift Set is absolutely gorgeous and would make a fantastic Christmas gift this festive season! 

Why not put together a Christmas Eve box of all of the above and throw in a bottle of Strawberry Lambrini? You might just be her favourite person ever!

Pamper and Relaxation 

Pink Parcel

Now this might just be the ultimate thoughtful git ever, every woman has that time of the month and I am sure you have noticed that sometimes this might get to us some months more than others, but there is a way to show us that you understand and a way to get us through it with a smile on our faces. Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service for that time of the month.

Pink Parcel

It's such a sweet idea and I love it, you simply choose the dates that it is needed, and every month you will get:

  • TEA: Because a cup of tea solves everything!
  • TAMPONS: Brands you know - plus something new
  • PADS: All of your favourite brands
  • SOMETHING SWEET: To help hit that PMS craving spot
  • BEAUTY PRODUCTS: For that all important pamper time
Pink Parcel

  • There is such a great selection, and I especially love the Cacao chocolate that was included in December's box!
  • Bill's Champagne and Truffles Hamper
  • Christmas is a time for giving right? If you go with my next idea you may have to marry this woman (if you haven't already of course!) Bill's Champagne and Truffles Hamper, this comes complete with Bill's own label Champagne Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles, and a Bill’s church candle.

    Resmed S+ Sleep Tracker
  • The Resmed S+ Sleep Tracker - This is something that I have to admit I was a little excited about! I have used sleep trackers in the past that attach to your wrist (in the form of a fitness watch), but this is the world's very first non-contact sleep tracking system! It helps you to analyze your sleep and ultimately improve it from the very first night you bring it home.
It records the conditions in your bedroom, from the noise, temperature and light and helps you to optimise your environment to get the very best sleep. It has features that will aid your sleep and syns with your smartphone so that you can have a look at the data you collect. 

  • Need more ideas?
Landon Tyler Reed Diffusers

Landon Tyler Reed Diffusers come in 12 different fragrances and they have been exclusively developed using only the best ingredients. We have a few scattered around the house at present and we are loving the fresh aroma that fills the room (essential if you have a dog!).

Choc on Choc Brussel Sprouts

Choc on Choc Brussel Sprouts - This is one way to get in the festive spirit! The 5 year old refused to even try these chocolate alternatives because he believed them to be real brussel sprouts! They are actually made from delicious White Belgian Chocolate!

CHOC Chick Starter Kit

The CHOC Chick Starter Kit is a fantastic introduction to making your own raw chocolate. It comes with enough ingredients to make up to 30-40 raw chocolates (along with the mini cases you will need to make them!). If you have not given raw chocolate a try yet, then I highly recommend giving it a whirl. It can be quite temperamental to do it from scratch yourself (this is experience speaking here!), but this kit makes it a lot easier to try.

Judge Mini Chopper
If you wanted to gift the foodie in your life the ultimate kitchen aid, then the Judge Mini Chopper might be the way to go (especially if you really want to take the stress out of the Christmas Dinner preparation!) It's simple to use (I have managed it so I stand by this statement!) and it is great for everyday tasks. Before the arrival of this gadget, I was chopping all my vegetables by hand, I am now completely spoilt and don't think twice about chopping all of the onion up with this handy assistant.

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