Tuesday 6 June 2017

Male Pattern Baldness - Theradome & Finasteride Tablets

Hair loss in Men

Over the last 2 years my partner Luke has been sharing his journey with the Theradome LH80 Laser Helmet, and this is something that I have been rather proud of him for. Hair loss can be quite a daunting and personal thing, and that remains the same whether you are Male, or Female. 

When it comes to hair it is one of the first things that you notice about someone, and that is what makes it so personal. Luke would be the first to say that this hasn't been an easy journey for him, and I know that he would say that it has felt like a losing battle at times. You can read more about how Luke has been tackling his hair loss here.

Over the last couple of years we have looked into a number of hair therapies, from the Theradome Helmet, Finasteride hair loss tablets and even looked into a Hair Transplant. One thing is for sure though, and that is that there are a whole range of lotions and potions targeted at the male with thinning hair. 

I once worked in a small office that was entirely populated by males, aside from myself of course. It wasn't the friendliest environment to be in and being only 18 years of age, I have found the whole experience to be less than pleasant. Two of the men in that office were rather rude and made my time in that workplace awful. They themselves suffered from thinning hair and I heard so many conversations about the range of different products that they had tried. 

They used to bring their latest purchases into the office to discuss amongst themselves, if memory serves one was more like a spray hair dye to try and make the thinner less visible hairs more prominent on their heads....

Anyway... I digress. 

 The most recent advancement that Luke has been pursuing is in the form of using the helmet and combining the Finasteride tablets alongside it, but even with these measures Luke still finds numerous stray hairs in the bathroom sink. 

Finasteride is sometimes used to treat pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) in men, it supposedly slows any further hair loss down and can provide up to about 30% improvement after 6 months of treatment. The effects of the drug are only known to improve and continue if you continue to take the tablets, and if you stop then any benefits that you may have seen will more than likely reverse. 

Luke has been taking these tablets for almost a year now, and we decided that the time was right to take the next set of photos to highlight how Luke's hair line has been changing over the past 2 years. 

As I mentioned above Luke has been using the Theradome Laser Helmet and combined this treatment with Finasteride tablets. 

The photos have been positioned into 3 grids of 3 photos. 
The top Left photos are dated April 2015
The top Right photos are dated December 2016
The bottom Left photo is May 2017
male pattern baldness Finasteride and Theradome results

male pattern baldness Finasteride and Theradome results

male pattern baldness Finasteride and Theradome results
I personally think that I can see a more hair growth in the latest photos, Luke is not so sure. What do you think? Is there a positive change in the latest progress photos? 

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