Saturday 1 July 2017

The Best Cars for Young Adults Who Have Just Passed

The Best Cars for young adults who have just passed their driving test

When your child passes their driving test, it opens up an entirely new world for them and gives them a tremendous amount of independence. It is a major milestone in their life, so you will want to congratulate them with a car that they will be happy with.

If somebody has only recently passed, it is vital that their first car is something that is reliable, safe, economical and not too expensive. It can be hard to find a car that ticks all of these boxes and still impresses the young driver, so here are a few recommendations.

Ford Fiesta
The Fiesta is a superb little car that is perfect for new and young drivers. The supermini is one of Ford’s best selling automobiles and popular with young drivers; this is because it is fun to drive, full of character and also very reliable. Parents will be happy to hear that it scores highly on safety, plus it is also much cheaper to insure than other vehicles. As such a popular car, you should also be able to find a great deal when you visit online dealerships like Motorpoint.

Ford Ka
Another excellent Ford for first time drivers, the Ka is a cheap, compact and stylish automobile that also offers good fuel economy and it is cheap to insure (this is due to the small engine). It is designed for city use so it is a great choice if you live in the city. The distinctive and quirky design make it popular with young drivers too.

Fiat 500
If your child is considered about style, then you may want to take a look at the Fiat 500. This city car looks like a MINI and the interior and exterior can be customised in many different ways, making it a fashionable choice. Fortunately, it is much more affordable than the MINI and is small, safe and affordable to run and has received great reviews.

Vauxhall Corsa
The Corsa is used by many UK driving schools, so you can be sure that it is a good choice for new motorists. This is down to its excellent handling, comfort and the fact that it is easy to drive. It is also cheap to run and more spacious than other vehicles in its class. It features a simple yet stylish design that will be appealing to most.

These four automobiles are all great options for those that have recently passed their test. They are stylish, fun and cheap enough to drive for young drivers, whilst any parent will feel reassured as they are affordable, reliable and safe.

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