Tuesday 18 December 2018

What to Buy a Coffee Lover This Christmas

What to Buy a Coffee Lover This Christmas

As we approach the end of 2018, it has dawned on me that if it wasn't for my miracle caffeine routine in the morning, I would have slept walked my way through the very best part of the year. 

My bleary eyes would be struggling to make sense of the light, my exercise regime would not have happened and I may not have even made it into the office. Heck, my mood would have been more irate than I care to admit. 

I was late in joining the coffee club, in fact I recall going along to baby groups with Leo back in 2011 and having squash, while all of the 'grown ups' sat sipping the hot cup of coffee. Back then it was Costa and the extremely sweet coffee syrups that finally initiated me. 

Fast forward to 2018 and I hate the stuff. My favourite cup of coffee is the no bull**** variety. It has to be straight to the point, and for the most part I want it all bean and a splash of milk. No sweetner and most definitely NO syrup.

It turns out that the best served coffee comes in the form of real ground beans, Extract Coffee Roasters have a fantastic selection of coffee that you can order to your liking: Whole Bean, Espresso Ground,  Cafetiere Blend or Filter Ground.  

Extract Coffee Roasters Cafetiere blend

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Original Espresso which has hints of hazelnut, caramel and cocoa. 

A really simple but thoughtful gift idea this festive season is a well thought bag of coffee and a personal cafetiere, like this ProCook Rose Gold Cafetiere.

This is ideal for me, as I am the only one who drinks coffee in my immediate family, but when the girls descend, we of course need ample amounts to share around. This of course calls for a bigger cafetiere.... But the size you choose really does depend on who and how many people you will be serving. 

That is why it may be beneficial to have a smaller model and a larger one, the VonShef Cafetiere comes in stainless steel and allows me to cater for more people.

What I really like about this particular model is that the stainless steel enables me to keep the coffee warm longer, which is great when there is still some coffee sitting in there waiting to be polished off.

VonShef Cafetiere

It has become apparent this year that I have developed a case of coffee snobbery, and I don't think for a second that this is a bad thing. My little coffee habit really has grown over the past couple of years, and I am even getting more creative with how I am brewing my own coffee.

This also means that I have been through my fair share of reusable cups. Everywhere seems to be selling them, some come with some cute little quotes, others in bright colours, but I was yet to find one that didn't give my coffee a metallic taste. 

Keep Cup from Extract Coffee Roasters

This is the Keep Cup from Extract Coffee Roasters and if there is one thing that you buy the coffee lover in your life this year, then I would say this is a shoe in for a winner gift. 

I am now that Mum who rocks up on a the school run with a coffee in hand. It gives me that final push out of the door in a morning, which is great because I am forever making coffee and having to leave it behind as I run out of time. 

I just make my coffee in this beauty now, and it comes with me when I am heading out of the door. It spurs me on to take Leo swimming on a Wednesday afternoon, and keeps my hands toasty warm while I wait for him to come out of school.

The winning factor here? No after taste (other than coffee of course!).

Disclaimer: These products were received in exchange for publication. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. 

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