Wednesday 17 December 2014

The Silver Cross Reflex

When it comes to thinking British Pushchairs who is the first brand that comes to mind? Silver Cross of course! Founded back in 1877 by William Wilson who actually created the very first baby pram. It was this very pram that the rising of future pushchair models were based on for over a century.

Now Silver Cross have come a long way from those very first models, and earlier this year they un-veiled the Silver Cross Reflex. 

The Silver Cross Reflex is brand new for 2014, new year... New pushchair and all that jazz! It features the very latest in pushchair innovation and highlights defining characteristics that make it really stand out among the other models in it's category.

The Reflex is an all in one package, and I think it is due to this nature that it really stands out. The umbrella fold of the Reflex converts to a pram and the very desirable travel system that I am sure we all coveted in those early days. Now this is where it starts to get really interesting and shows just how sophisticated the technology being applied to the latest Silver Cross pushchairs is getting...

For the very first time on a stroller the Reflex incorporates an innovative central LED lighting system, that has been developed for high visibility when it is dark. I think this is fantastic, especially for parents who do a lot of walking and need to be seen when dusk descends. It will make people more aware of you, especially drivers who will see you long before they would without this sophisticated feature.  

When the Reflex is in pushchair mode it provides a very generous multi position seat that has been engineered with a unique and ergonomic backrest which ensures that the seat liner does not touch the frame. The seat it's self has been designed to be the ultimate comfort seat with it's luxurious deep padding and silent multi position recline. 

The stroller is ultra light weight and made completely out of the highest grade Aluminium, weighing in at 8.5kg. No detail has been over looked and the hood is fully extendable with a UPF 50+ sun protection and the deep padded seat apron with reflective piping. 

The fold of the Reflex is something I am really liking the sound of, it folds easily and compactly making it the perfect companion for day trips and holidays both within the UK and of course abroad. We all want a easy to fold stroller especially when we are about to step foot on board a plane, there is nothing worse than having to faff around with many different buttons and foot pedals... So the fold on the Reflex is amazing in the sense that it can be folded using just one hand.

The Silver Cross Reflex folds all in one even with the sturdy bumper bar in place, it folds with the stroller and adds protection and support for the baby. When being used as a stroller the seat unit can be used in either rearward or outward positioning, and using the included car seat adapters you can turn it into a complete travel system. 

A feature that I am really liking on the Reflex is the ability to use it right from birth. The optional accessory pack includes a rearward facing hood, protective baby nest and a lightweight stowaway apron. This is everything you need to get your newborn snug and ready to face the world during those very early weeks. Even in the newborn pram mode the stroller can still fold into one piece, I know that my first pushchair didn't have this capability!

The Reflex will be retailing at £250.00 for the basic package that includes:

- Washable seat liner
- 5 point safety harness
- Harness and buckle pads
- Deep padded apron
- Articulating bumper bar
- Shopping basket
- Simplicity car seat adapters
- Raincover
- Carry handles
- LED Lights

For an additional £75.00 you can add the Newborn Accessory Pack.

The Reflex is set to be one of the pushchairs to watch in 2014, and now I am more intrigued than ever to get my hands on one and see exactly what it is all about up close and personal. I love just how light weight the stroller is, and the one hand fold would make this the perfect stroller for my Mother to use with Leo and his cousin. My Mum suffers with Rheumatoid Arthritis and needs something lightweight and easy to use when she has either of the boys, I would be very intrigued to see just how she would get on with this new innovation. 

If you have been taken by the Reflex you will be pleased to know that there are a number of different colour ways available:

- Black
- Sky
- Lime
- Sand
- Raspberry
- Chilli

I for one have my eyes on the Sky colour way... 
Which colour would you choose?


  1. Hiya, did you buy the Reflex buggy? I'm thinking of buying it ;)

  2. nice post, thank you, fo helping so many pepole witch choice!

  3. I would recommend the reflex over and over my 5th baby was born a few weeks premature n still weighed over 9lb so once he out grew his travel system i invested in the red reflex its hard wearing durable easy to wash as i used to remove everything including the hood and put it in the washing machine now ive had baby number six and soon as I had her as well as her travel system i bought a new silvercross reflex Brompton and would never part with it for all the money in the world x


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