Thursday 18 December 2014

Family Staycation's

Before Leo was even a twinkle in my eye, Luke and I were always looking toward the next holiday we were going to book up. We lived for the next faraway adventure that we could jet off too and experience the different cultures and activities.

Our very first break together was to Disneyland, a place I had always longed to go and explore and a destination that I knew Luke would resist but soon enjoy. Our second break together was to the sunny skies of Egypt where we spent two weeks in the sun on one very busy two week break.

We had plans for everyday, different activities that we wanted to cram in, the Pyramids in Cairo, scuba diving in the red sea, quad biking in the desert and let’s not forget the paragliding trip on the back of a boat!

Our holidays have had to adapt somewhat for the little man who is now in our lives, and no longer do we have holidays booked up with daily activities to keep us busy, because Leo keeps us busy all on his own. Our holidays now have to be tailored to our family needs and we need a break that is suitable for a toddler.

Our time in Egypt was amazing and one day in the not so distant future we wish to take Leo along with us, but we are holding out for him to be a little bit older before then and exploring places a little closer to home. 

We have taken Leo to France and many different parts of England. He is one well-travelled little boy and has been able to play along the sea front dipping his toes in and out of the sea before running away and getting sandy little feet. This was his favourite game whilst in Bournemouth a few years ago.

We aren't alone in venturing on staycations instead of holidaying abroad. Each year more and more British holiday makers are looking to stay closer to home for one reason or another. It means that we are discovering parts of England that we never knew existed and attractions that we have never considered visiting before.

If you are considering a holiday in 2015 but are looking to stay within the UK, there really are some beautiful areas you can visit without jumping on a plane. You could source some inspiration from the Park Resorts Staycation Guide that has some beautiful destinations on offer.

It has been lovely venturing around within the UK, and back in the Summer we spent the week at Lands End in Cornwall and had such a super time. With the beach a short walk away and good weather for the majority of that week, we really were spoiled. 

We rented a house and it really was a home from home, and to say that the scenery of Cornwall is beautiful, really is an understatement. With sandy beaches and clear waters, when the sun shone it felt like you were abroad, but with traditional English Fish and Chips right on the doorstep it really was my idea of heaven,

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