Monday 1 December 2014

Home Improvement

Renovating your home is a time filled of excitement and stress. You are excited to see the end result, but you know that for the time it takes to get these changes implemented, you are going to have to work around it in order to get any assemblence of normality. With Christmas coming, the projects being dreamed up now are usually to be actioned in the New Year, and people in the midst of a home improvement project are working against the clock in order to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor over the festive season.

Painting and Decorating
Whether you are painting and decorating yourself or hiring someone else to put the leg work in on your behalf, there is a lot to consider, colours, textures, emulsion or silk… It’s always best to get a few paint samples first and try them out in the room you are thinking about before committing to a specific colour. It may seem like the best idea since sliced bread… But until you apply that last stroke of paint, or commit the painter to the job. Make sure you are completely happy with the plan before you proceed.

How does one decide on the flooring in their home? For me I have to think practically and could only in-vision tiles or laminate flooring in the Kitchen and Bathroom’s. Having a 3 year old who makes a mess in whatever he does (That’s often how it feels!) it just seems silly to consider anything else for those two specific rooms in the house. He will without a shadow of a doubt drop food on the floor when he dines, and he will splash a lot of water out of the bath from time to time. So for us and our little family, those rooms will only ever have flooring that is easy to clean. For the rest of the house I am open to ideas, some rooms I feel just need to be carpeted. There is something so cosy about a room with carpet, but then for the lounge or the hallway I like the idea of lacquered engineered wood flooring, which is one of the most popular flooring choices on the market because of just how easy it is to maintain and care for. This flooring can last for many years without having to have any special treatments applied, another option I have considered is Brushed and Oiled Engineered Oak Wood Flooring but because they need more care I am swaying more towards the Lacquered.

As with any home improvement project, each decision needs to be carefully thought about and planned, from the ideal cleaning solutions right through to the end results. Give yourself a timescale to adhere to and don’t take on to much too soon. Set aside some time to do the initial number crunching, come up with a budget and stick to it.

Home improvement doesn’t have to be a sorry state of affairs, things have to change in order for things to grow.

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