Sunday 31 August 2014

38 Months Old

On the 27th of August 2014 you turned 38 months old. 
3 Years and 2 months old.

All of a sudden your personality is blooming.

You’re funny, cheeky and mischievous.
You’re lovable, cuddly and you’re a wind up!

The wind up side of you is coming out to play daily these days, ever since your 3rd birthday rolled around it has become much more apparent. You have worked out what to say and the actions that complement them, and your away.

It was just the other day that I told you not to do something for one reason or another, only to be met with your reply of ‘I funny!’. Of course at the time I didn't think your actions were funny, but just hearing you state that you were indeed funny, proceeded to put a smile smack bang on my face.

So now whenever you do something that you potentially shouldn't, you tell me that your funny. In fact when anyone does something that they shouldn't, you tell me that they are funny too. Your cousin Josh decided to try his luck at running away, followed closely by his Mummy, and then by us. We really were a sight chasing Josh laden up with bags, and of course you in my arms while you had a moment of refusing to walk for the umpteenth time. When we eventually caught him, you looked at me and grinned from ear to ear, then you told me ‘Josh runaway! Josh funny!’.

Then of course your cheekiness expands further, you are now mimicking people. A few weeks back we paid a visit to the seaside, and we popped into the pub for a meal. A man walked in shouting loudly, so you looked and me and said ‘man’ and proceeded to make the strange sounds that he had made moments before… In fact recently you managed to really wind up your Aunty Alice. Alice had been playing with you and getting you over excited, of course she then got tired of playing… Whereas you wanted to keep going. You continued to climb all over her, and eventually she got so annoyed that she threw a complete hissy fit. You looked in my general direction to weigh up whether or not you were in trouble, and when you realised Alice was just having a moment, you re-in acted it for everyone in the lounge. You laughed and smiled even more when you saw how funny everyone thought you were, except for Alice of course!

This last week we have spent away in Cornwall at Land's End, you have spent so much time at the beach and you have eaten far to many fish and chips. You have loved being around your extended family and have been making the most of being the very center of attention. Just in the last week alone I have seen even more improvement in your speech, and you are stringing more and more sentences together.

You have even caught on that my name is 'Laura', and given half the chance you love to remind me that you know. 

One part of the holiday you were really looking forward to, was the possibility of going out on another boat ride. We were sat discussing the different boat options together when you told me that you didn't want to go on a big boat. I asked you why, and your response was that it would sink. Having only watched Frozen with you again that day, it suddenly clicked that you thought big boats would sink like on the film, and clearly justified your reasoning for wanting a smaller boat.

A rather big development at 38 months was that you would now actually let us sit you on the toilet. Up until now you would only use the potty, but after Alice managed to bribe you with chocolatey goodness, you haven't looked back. This has made taking you out and about so much easier as we non longer have to worry about taking a potty with us. One aspect we are still working on is getting you to co-operate with number 2's... But we aren't rushing and are tackling it in the same leisurely manner we do everything else.

The end of the summer holidays is here and you are now in your final year before starting school. This week see's you returning to nursery where you will be going Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I know that when you go back this week your nursery teachers are going to see such a big change in you. I have finally managed to eliminate the word 'Choo' from your vocabulary, and instead you say 'train' without thinking about it. I cannot wait to hear their feedback on you, I just know they are going to be pleased! 

As we go into your 39th month I still find is incredibly scary at just how fast time is flying by. Each day I feel that little bit prouder, even on the days where you push all of my buttons. You are such a clever little guy and I know that I cannot wait to continue watching you blossom. 


  1. I can't believe how grown up Leo looks!! Crazy x

  2. He is getting so big, and I can't believe we only have a year before school! When I have other children round, Dylan insists on calling me Becky and I hate it! haha


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