Tuesday 12 August 2014

A Healthier Me - 9 Weeks In

In just over 7 weeks I have made some big changes to my life, I have made a conscious decision to treat my body like a temple (for the majority of the time) and in doing so, on July 31st I reached my first goal. I officially lost 1 stone in weight.

I am now 9 weeks into my venture and I am feeling amazing, I have just today lost my 17th lb! Making my total weight loss so far 1 stone and 3lbs!

My size 10 clothes are starting to hang on me where before some were a little tight, and I have even treated myself to a few pairs of size 8 jeans, which actually fit! Although they fit there is still room for improvement, but it is a great start. If someone had said to me back in June that I would be shopping for size 8 clothing in 9 weeks’ time, I would have laughed so hard my sides would ache. But it just goes to show the difference a few months can make if you are serious about achieving your goals.

I am now thinking a little further down the line, if I can do this in just over 2 months, where will I be in another 2 months? The more I achieve the more determined and driven I become which in turn puts my goals right within my grasp.

In the last couple of weeks I have become more active in the gym, and have increased my stamina on the cross trainer. At this moment in time I am focusing my main effort on cardio and complimenting that with sit ups and abdominal work outs. Although if I am honest I actually have no clue what I am doing, and I am in the process of getting a gym program drawn up to help me get where I want to be.

It is only really since hitting the stone mark that I have begun to see changes. My stomach is definitely looking flatter and I my bust has even shrunk (the one place I could do with keeping some chub!). I have even had to order new underwear now that my bras are not fitting as snuggly as they once did. I even feel like I have lost weight around my face, but the jury is still out on that one!

The weight loss has slowed down since I hit the top end of 8 stone back on the 22nd July, but I am a firm believer in losing it slowly and maintaining the result. A few weeks back I was sent a sample of XLS Medical in the form of the Carb Blocker and the Fat Binder tablets. I started off taking the Fat Binder and then incorporated the Carb Blocker, I went in open minded and wondered if I would notice any changes in the speed the weight was coming away or how much I was actually loosing from one week to the next. In my personal experience I didn't notice a difference in any of the above.

What is the XLS Medical Fat Binder supposed to do?
XLS-Medical Fat Binder is a natural weight loss aid that has been clinically proven to help you lose up to 3x more weight than dieting and exercise alone. It is gentle on your digestive system that leaves no known side effects in it's wake.
XLS – Medical Fat Binder is made with the clinically proven fat binder, Litramine, and essential fat-soluble vitamins. and has been proven to bind dietary fats before it replenishes the body with fat-soluble vitamins. In my personal experience though I didn't notice a difference through taking this opposed to not taking it. But then everyone's bodies are different and I have read other accounts that have demonstrate a completely different experience to me.
What is the XLS Medical Carb Blocker supposed to do?
The XLS Medical Carb Blocker is made with PhaseLite™, a clinically proven active ingredient which helps reduce carbohydrate digestion and absorption. The Carb Blocker reduces the break down of carbohydrates meaning they are too large to be absorbed by the intestine. The addition of Phaselite™ restricts the ability of the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase thereby inhibiting the digestion of complex carbohydrates into glucose. 
I was sent a pack of each of the above, each packet included 60 tablets. I took 2 tablets before each meal which equated to 3 times a day. Maybe it takes more than one pack for you to start noticing the effects? 
You can find out more about XLS Medical on their website, and you can also follow other peoples experiences.

At the end of July the Fit Bug Orb arrived in my life, and ever since then I have been using the Fit Bug to track my activity. I can see how many steps I take in any one given day and I can see how many calories I burn through day to day activity. Activity I didn't give a second thought to such as walking from my car to the office or taking a leisurely stroll into town all count towards my daily step goal. After having used the Orb for the last 2 weeks it is now setting me daily goals in the form of steps and aerobic steps that I should aim for. I seem to have no problems hitting my aerobic steps but if I am at work I am resigned to my desk. This often means that I don’t meet my step goal on those days that I am at work.

I am finding the Orb a valuable asset and it pushes me to reach my goals. I am a very visual person, so having the app on hand is a great motivation for me and I will be telling you much more about this clever fitness gadget as my venture progresses.

I will finish this post off documenting my weight loss so far:

Tuesday 10th June - 9 stone 11.8 lbs
Friday 13th June - 9 stone 9.6 lbs
Saturday 14th June - 9 stone 9.2 lbs
Sunday 15th June - 9 stone 8.6 lbs

Total weight loss for the first week - 3.2 lbs

Monday 16th June - 9 stone 8.4 lbs
Tuesday 17th June - 9 stone 8.0 lbs
Wednesday 18th June - 9 stone 6.8 lbs  
Thursday 19th June - 9 stone 6.6 lbs

Total weight loss for the second week - 1.8 lbs

Monday 23rd June - 9 stone 6.6 lbs
Tuesday 24th June - 9 stone 6.2 lbs
Wednesday 25th June - 9 stone 5 lbs
Thursday 26th June  - 9 stone 4.4 lbs
Friday 27th June - 9 stone 4 lbs
Sunday 29th June - 9 stone 3.8 lbs

Total weight loss for the third week - 2.8 lbs

Wednesday 2nd July - 9 stone 3.6 lbs
Thursday 3rd July - 9 stone 2.8 lbs
Friday 4th July - 9 stone 2.6 lbs
Saturday 5th July - 9 stone 2.2 lbs
Sunday 6th July - 9 stone 1 lbs

Total weight loss for the fourth week - 2.6 lbs 

This is where I plateaued for a little while (12 days).

Friday 18th July - 9 stone 0.7 lbs 
Saturday 19th July - 8 stone 13.2 lbs

Fifth week 

Thursday 24th July - 8 stone 12.6 lbs
Fridy 25th July - 8 stone 12.0 lbs

Total weight loss for the sixth week - 1.2 lbs

Thursday 31st July - 8 stone 10.8 lbs (I hit my first Stone!)

Thursday 7th August - 8 stone 9.4 lbs 
Saturday 9th August - 8 stone 9.2 lbs

Total weight loss for the eighth week - 1.6 lbs

Tuesday 12th August - 9 stone 8.8 lbs

Total weight loss in 9 weeks - 1 stone 3 lbs (17 lbs)

Disclaimer: I was sent the XLS Medical for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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