Thursday 16 October 2014

The Y-Volution Carver Review

I am not one to sit on the side line and let my toddler have all of the fun, oh no! I like to be involved and be a part of the action, so when the chance presented itself to try out the Y-Volution Y Fliker Carver – an adult scooter… I could hardly contain my excitement. The Carver is a scooter like no other I have ever seen, and it moves in a completely different way to your traditional scooter.

The Carver arrived in a big box, a box that was immediately handed over to Luke to put together. It took less than 15 minutes to put the Carver together and I know that if Luke had even glanced towards the instructions, and realised that the Allen Key were included within the box (just like I told him they would be), he wouldn’t have been running around looking for one like a headless chicken. So my advice would be.. Don’t do a Luke! Check the box first, it comes with absolutely everything you need to get the scooter set up.

Setting up the Carver is simply attaching the handlebar to the foot plates and making sure everything is secure.

Of course as Luke had put it together he called first dibs on using it. Leo watched as Daddy had his first go on the Carver, or ‘Mummy’s scooter’ as he has been calling it. To propel the Carver forwards you have to wiggle your body in order to gain momentum, that first ride is always funny to watch. Luke did make me giggle as he wiggled his bum and began to take those first nervous movements forward.

Within a few minutes Luke seemed to have the hang of getting the Carver moving, spinning shapes and even stopping thanks to the brake on the handlebar. So I informed him that it had to be my turn by now!

I placed my feet on the two foot plates provided, I began to wiggle and began to move the Carver forward. I felt a little nervous to start with, I had never ridden anything like this, not even as a child. I kept going and began to pull some wobbly shapes, it’s so easy to steer the Carver and within a few minutes I was building up confidence.

As the weeks have gone on the entire family has been making good use of the Carver, and it is so easy to use once you get used to how to do it. We have all been enjoying it, and Leo has loved having us big kids (his parents) out to play. Luke has pretty much claimed the Carver as his own, my younger brother and sister have been borrowing it and have managed to build up speed and pull some rather fabulous shapes!

I have personally found the Carver brilliant, I love the exercise that you do without even realising it. You can actually burn over 700 calories an hour using the Carver, and after playing with it for 10 minutes I could feel the muscles in my legs being given a good work out. The way you have to move to propel the Carver is just genius and I have found that it handles exceptionally well.

The Carver is a really unique looking scooter, it has 3 castor wheels. One at the front,  two at the back and the way they are positioned makes it a really sturdy ride. The castor wheels are brilliant as they just roll in any direction, this is great when you are drifting around a corner or carving some shapes out. I have become more adventurous the more I have used this scooter, and the more confidence we build with it, the faster we go.

We are currently using this on the drive at my parent’s house as they  have lots of space for us to make use of it. We haven’t tried any really extravagant stunts yet, but having seen videos of what the Carver can do, and having handled it myself I know that it would be more than capable to do much more than what we are currently doing with it. It’s described as the ultimate performance scooter and it really isn’t hard to work out why, it’s designed to perform tricks and stunts and comes in 3 different sizes so that kids and adults alike can enjoy them. The 3 sizes are Junior which is suitable for kids as young as 3, right up to 5 years of age. There is the 5+ and the 7 through to adult which is exactly what I have been using.

What I have really been loving about the Y Flicker Carver is just how easy it is to steer it is, and ultimately the brake on the handle bar. It is always nice to know that you can stop, especially if you find your toddler deliberately targeting you, and by targeting I do mean hurtling towards you at speed! The brake makes so much difference, traditional scooters usually have the foot brake on the back of the scooter, so having an easy to reach handle bar brake has been a godsend.

The Carver isn't all about stunts and driving it really fast, it’s great exercise, great fun and something completely different. We are thoroughly enjoying the Y-Volution Carver and Leo is LOVING having Mummy and Daddy out to play.

The Carver retails at £99.99.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Y-Volution Fliker Carver for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.  

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