Monday 27 October 2014

The one with the doctor's appointment

You know your child better than anyone, you know their capabilities and their weaknesses, where they may need a helping hand or a word of encouragement. When it comes to Leo I feel like I know him inside out, I know that he watches people and takes everything in, he listens and takes parts of the conversation that you didn't even realise he was listening to. He loves children and plays happily, never one to lash out and should someone else hurt him, he looks at them, then looks at me pondering why they would do such a thing. Leo really is a great little boy, even if I do say so myself.

Earlier this month I booked Leo in with our family doctor who just so happens to be the surgeries pediatrician, after discussions with nursery and obviously the ill feeling that came about from the 2 and half year check last January, I just wanted to hear another persons perspective on my little man. I booked the appointment and took Leo along, he was as good as gold as we sat in the waiting room. He climbed all over me giggling the entire time, and thankfully kept his high spirits even when the doctor was running 30 minutes late.

When Leo's name was called we made our way into the appointment, she asked us what she could do for us today? And really I just wanted her to observe Leo and see what she thought? Was there more I could be doing to bring his speech along? Did she think there was another reason for the speech delay? 

Leo wasted no time in getting a few toys out, among them were the building blocks which he began to build up straight away. He started chatting to me about what he was doing and wanting me to play, it gave the doctor the perfect opportunity to observe Leo without him really realising that was the reason we were there.

The doctor watched and listened and heard Leo putting sentences together, she heard him constructing the words and putting them together to from sentences and said that she wasn't worried. She went on to say everything that I had believed all along, she told me that all children are different, that they all develop in their own time, that there is such a wide spectrum of 'normal'. All things that I knew, all pearls of wisdom I had clutched to when everyone else seemed to be concerned over my beautiful boy and those hoops that they needed him to jump through. We discussed the speech therapy options and the upcoming appointment that was booked in, she told us that she thought this would be enough to just open Leo's speech up further, but she was confident that he was going to keep developing and would be absolutely fine.

That appointment for me was so positive, finally someone else could see that my little man was yes a little behind with his speech, but the comprehension was there and the language was coming on all of the time, I stopped feeling guilty about not worrying there and then, because I wasn't worried. I was and am so confident with how Leo is developing, and finally having someone else within the health profession confirm this made me feel even better.

Leo is a bright, happy little boy who loves to learn. His memory is spot on and if you have promised him something you best remember because he certainly won't forget. Speech has been the only obstacle in his way, and as the days roll by and the weeks turn into months, I can see his progress right before me. I am so pleased with how he has come on since the Summer, and in my eyes there is absolutely no question about it, he will be absolutely fine.

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