Tuesday 26 May 2015

46 Months Old

Family scooting

46 months, just under 4 years. It's a long time, so much can change. So much does change. Little man you have come such a long way, learnt so much and dazzled us beyond belief. Whenever you open your mouth to give us that magical insight into your world, I am so proud. Your using your words, getting your point of view across, and boy do you have a lot to say for yourself these days!

As you got down from dinner the other night you announced 'I to full and fat now Mummy'. Catching me completely off guard. Through the laughter I didn't even think to check your plate to make sure you had actually eaten what you were supposed to. You cite your days of the week, and the first time you did it I almost fell of my chair! Your counting, your colours and your vocabulary is just exploding, all at once like the finale of a extraordinary fireworks display. 

Family Scooting

These last few months seem to have seen something click within you, like a new found confidence has blossomed all of a sudden. You are now admittedly a parrot. You copy everything and anything, and hearing your version of Hippopotamus is just the icing on the cake, and not forgetting you coming out with 'be my guest gorgeous' when I asked if I could sit down next to you!

We visited Hatton Country World at the back end of last week, and everyone commented on just how talkative you were, It was so lovely to hear after so many people have told me the complete opposite over the past year and a half. They were right, you really did have a lot to say, and you kept on saying it too! We went over to watch the bird display and the demonstrator told you what a know it all you were, it did make me giggle! If only your speech therapist could see you now eh!

You even got the opportunity to hold an owl, now this really did make your day. I didn't think you would do it, but this alone is yet another example of how you are changing and growing.

Hatton Country World

In fact this month you have come out with all sorts! Here are a few snippets of our ever growing conversations. 

Leo: 'It's not bedtime yet Mummy, it's still morning outside! Look! Look! Morning!'

Leo; 'I not going to bed yet' 
Me: 'Oh yes you are Mr! I don't care if it's still light outside, it's bedtime Mr Moon!'
Leo: Fine! I'm going to eat my tooth!'

We pass someone with Purple hair only for Leo to express himself very loudly...'Her hair is Purple! I hate it! It's weird!'

My all time favourite question... 'Mummy...Where do you wee from! Your bum!?'

Leo 'I hate Josh's white hair! I love my brown hair!'

Family Scooting

Your sudden confidence hasn't gone un-noticed, even nursery have picked up on it! Your development has jumped right up to where it should be, just like I said it would! Way to prove them all wrong little man, I always believed in you and now the rather incredible nursery report shows what I knew all along! I guess that is why I haven't worried about you not wanting to use the toilet for a number two.. You have always waited until bedtime when you know I can't do anything about it! Then last week, completely un-prompted and completely out of the blue, you sat on the toilet and just did it. We were all so proud, and you relished just how positive it all was. Then the next night you did it again, and again! We may have cracked it, but if not then it's just a case of when! 

You are now really looking forward to school, and I cannot believe that it's a mere 12 weeks or so away. Where on earth has the time gone!? This time next month I will have a 4 year old on my hands, and that quite honestly seems ridiculous. You cannot be that old. You just can't! Whether I want to accept it or not though, it's all happening. Your growing up on me and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. You know what though? Even if I could, I wouldn't, every day I get to know you that little bit more, discover something new about you, and we have some amazing times that we can only enjoy together because you are getting older.

The day we spent scooting as a family only highlighted this further. You took the Storm 90 Y Slider out to the park, and took to the new way of propelling yourself forward like a duck to water. You take everything that life throws at you in your stride, you smile and keep moving forward. I love waking up to that look of pure innocence on your face when you wake up early and sneak into my room for snuggles. You lay so quietly next to me, just watching me sleep. Then you want nothing more than to snuggle and enjoy Cookie Crisp in bed!  

Hatton Country World

This time next month I expect that I will still be up in the kitchen, doing my best to bake up your fourth birthday cake. You have put demands in for Mario Kart, and I have already got lot's of ideas! 

For now though we are in complete holiday preparation. We are embarking on our very first family holiday as a 3. We are off to Tunisia next Wedneday (3rd June) for the week. You cannot wait to dig a hole on the beach with me, and of course bury Daddy!

Until next month little man...
Happy Adventures..

Family Scooting

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