Sunday 3 May 2015

Life Through the Lens

I have always been one to take many photos. I love to capture our everyday lives and capturing it through the camera lens means that, that one moment in time has been captured forever. It's flawless, a time capsule that brings back those feelings that were felt in that one moment. Laughter, love, the emotion that you just cannot re-create. Photographs tell the truth, one facial expression, one simple glance at another, it's a true reflection of the people your looking at through your camera lens. 

One of my most memorable days, was the day Leo entered the world. It's hard to believe that it is now coming up to 4 years ago. Even in the throws of labor it was important to me that we capture the day, from the birth through to that very first meeting, it's a day I will never forget. From being in the birthing pool, to the seconds after Leo hurtled into our lives, to every moment that has followed since. Each photo taken that day caught a different emotion, a once in a lifetime facial expression of becoming first time parents. It was the most magical, scary, emotional, exhilarating, spectacular, tiring and amazing day all rolled into one. Looking into our first born babies eyes, holding him tight and breathing in his newborn baby smell and counting his ten tiny fingers, and his ten tiny toes. You can see the look of uncertainty on my face, the look of pure shock at how quickly everything had progressed, the look of a proud new Mum.

Those photos are the most treasured out of all of the photos I have taken, because they mark the very moment that my little family was born, and cemented together for always. I have always stored my photographs on my laptop, and following the birth of Leo back in 2011, my laptop hard drive decided to fail. Absolutely everything was lost, my holiday photos, even the photographs taken back in the day at school. Thankfully I still had the photographs from Leo's birth on my camera's SD Card, and although I was devastated at losing the rest of my treasured memories, I was comforted in the knowledge that all wasn't lost. That the most important photographs were safe.

It took my hard drive failing for me to realise how important it is to back everything up, and I very quickly invested in an external hard drive. I don't back up as much as I should, but I am relaxed in the knowledge that everything is backed up, so if the inevitable does happen, I can restore my photos, and keep those special memories alive. I had no idea what I was looking for when I began searching for an external hard drive, I didn't know what I would need, the space I required or really have a clue what I needed.

The fist thing I did upon receiving my external hard drive was immediately back everything up. 

I still love flicking through the photos from Leo's day of birth. I remember every moment, I study each facial expression and marvel at just how much we have all grown in every day since. How much we have all learnt, how far we have come. 

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