Tuesday 10 March 2015

Finding Me

9 months ago I set myself a challenge. That challenge was to shed a few lbs and get back into my size 8 clothing. I just wanted to feel more myself again, and ultimately feel comfortable in the clothes I longed to wear.

It was a challenge I had set myself time and time again, one that never happened, one that seemed to share the same probability as me venturing on a trip to Mars. The idea seemed laughable and impossible. But it only seemed that way because I didn’t believe in myself,  and when you don’t believe, you don’t give yourself a real chance or a shot at achieving your goals.

How can you set out to change if you aren’t really ready to change, or really want to? Or even believe that you can change? Or you aren’t prepared to put the time and energy into it? You can’t. It really is that simple. A challenge like this really does require you to WANT to change, to BELIEVE that you can change and have the WILLPOWER to make those modifications to your lifestyle that will allow the changes you want begin to happen.

It’s actually amazing what you can do when you believe in yourself. Now I don’t mean to come across as cheesy, but that’s the truth of it. When you believe you can do something, you will find a way to accomplish it.

It’s not going to happen overnight, it’s going to take time and effort. Lots of effort. Yes there are going to be days where all you want to do is reach for the nearest chocolate bar, some days you will. That’s ok. We all need a treat every now and again, but what counts is all those other days that you DON’T reach for the chocolate bar. What counts are all those other day’s that you plan your meals and stick to them, the days you walk instead of taking the car, or even join the gym.

By taking lots of little steps you will soon see them transform into something more, you don’t need to take gigantic leaps all in one go, it’s all about paving the way for a sustainable lifestyle, because ultimately that’s what you are doing. You are changing your life, it’s not just a diet you are implementing, it’s a lifestyle.

When I started out in June all I did was remove all the rubbish from my life. Instead of a can of Coca Cola I would have a bottle of water. Ok so I am a bit fussy and don’t drink tap water, so instead I buy bottled water. I have them to hand and can grab them when leaving the house, they are great for work and I justified the cost as I no longer buy cans of Coke. I began to eat healthier meals and waved goodbye to the weekly takeaways that I was admittedly eating far too many of. Just by making those small changes I was well on the way, my weight started to decrease and I was heading in the right direction.

9 months later I have lost 25lbs, changed my lifestyle, joined the gym and began to tone up. In under a year I have found a confidence I never knew I could have, a waistline I didn't think I would ever achieve and a new challenge. A new challenge because with a little self-belief and willpower I have achieved my original goal, I got back into my size 8 clothing, I actually even replaced my wardrobe just because I could!

So what’s my next goal? My next challenge is to tone up further, I want to be completely comfortable in my skin. It’s no longer about being skinny or thin, it’s about being strong and lean. So over the rest of this year I am going to be doing just that, working hard at home and at the gym and continuing to eat well.

This time last year I never thought I would be going to the gym every night, I didn’t think I would head out in PUBLIC for a jog or that I would fit in a dress that I have NEVER fit in since I obtained it. But I have done all of that, and now I want to push forward with my overall fitness.

I have even been enjoying extra protein in recent weeks in the form of PureTrition which is a Chocolate flavoured high protein energy supplement, that has been made from multiple organic sources. I have found it really beneficial before a work out to give me a bit of extra energy, and post work out to help pick me back up and aid muscle recovery. I have been mixing the protein up in my Nutribullet with a banana and almonds, and this makes a rather tasty smoothie and a great breakfast alternative. I find the smoothie very filling and it wakes me up and gives me bags of energy (More so than a cup of tea!). It keeps me going until my mid-morning snack and is something I can enjoy during a busy morning at work.

Being a Mum means that I come across other Mum’s, Mum’s who want to lose weight and achieve goals. I was at the school gates just the other day when I heard one parent talking to another about a meal replacement diet. I just wanted to jump into the conversation and tell her to save her money. Just invest in your grocery shop, put the chocolate and crisps back, and instead buy fruit and vegetables. You really don’t need to subsidise food, you just need to eat well. It’s surprising how when I am talking to fellow Mum’s they all say ‘I wish I could do this, I wish I had your determination’. It’s all there to be taken, you just have to ask yourself how much you want to change. I have even had people say ‘Wait until you have kids! You won’t be able to shed the weight then!’ of course I have Leo, and when I tell them this, they look shocked, like I have just use a curse word in front of them.

I don’t blame my weight gain on pregnancy, my weight gain came down to my love of un-healthy food and drink and a complete lack in exercise. I put the weight on all by myself, and I have lost it all myself too. Anyone can do it, absolutely anyone!

What I would say to anyone looking to lose weight or start toning up, is set realistic goals. The journey really does come down to what you are eating, as they say ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, and they couldn’t be more right. The next step is to throw all of those excuses that are holding you back to the floor, stamp on them, crush them! That leads me on to moving more, leave the car at home, do a few more body slams on those excuses… just in case and take a stroll instead,  just with those few changes you are heading in the right direction.

I was petrified at the prospect of going to the gym, of how I would look using the equipment, and actually having no clue on how to use any of it! But I have been pleasantly surprised. People are kind, helpful and only there to train themselves, they won’t be watching you, they won’t be judging you, they are there for one reason and one reason only. If like me though you do happen to feel a little conscious, dress for the occasion. Treat yourself to some new gym wear, something you feel confident in. It will make the world of difference.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been trying out the new Helly Hanson Fitness Wear, and I love it. I was sent the W Aspire Lite Flow top and the VTR Printed Capri bottoms. I absolutely love them, they provide comfort when I am working out and I feel great in them.

The Capri bottoms come in a range of colours and I have them in Navy with Pink detailing on the lower leg. They boast X-Cool Quick Dry Fabric and are nice and stretchy, ideal for when you are in the throes of an energetic workout or having an mad half hour on the cross trainer. I have been using them at the gym and when I have been out for a jog. Jogging is an entirely new way of training for me, but I have actually surprised myself with my stamina (I didn’t know I had any!). In the last week I have been running to the gym as my car has been out of action, it’s about a half hour walk, but my fitness has improved quite drastically over the last 9 months and I have somehow pulled it off! These bottoms have quickly become one of my favourite to work out in, and I love the style. I have actually been asked at the gym where they are from and where they can pick a pair up which is always a bonus right!? They retail on Helly Hanson for £50.00.

The W Aspire Lifa Flow Singlet adds to the outfit choice and is again one of my favourites to work out in, the fabric used in this has been formulated through years of research and testing in order to provide us with the moisture management that it provides today. It has been designed to pull heat and sweat away from the skin, which in turn helps to keep you cool and dry when you need it the most. The material is thin and boasts light mesh on the back to accommodate on warmer days, and really is a godsend when you are either running or in a gym setting. I have this top in baby Blue and Pink and really like it, it retails at £30.00 with Helly Hanson.

I am so excited about the coming months and the Summer beginning to roll around. I feel like I have come so far in the the last 9 months and it is great to finally start seeing the fruits of my labor. 

Disclaimer: I have received the above items in exchange for my honest opinion. All views expressed are completely honest and my own.

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  1. You look amazing! This post is definitely inspiring me to get fit after my pregnancy! x


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