Monday 23 March 2015

The Catimini Boys Down Jacket Review

Spring may be on the way, but for the moment Leo and I are still living in our warm winter coats trying to avoid the all too familiar British chill. In recent weeks Leo has been sent a rather beautiful Winter Catimini coat to review from Petit Fashion.

I picked it out from among all of the other gorgeous coats that Petit Fashion retail, because this one was just Leo, and I knew as soon as I saw it that he would look the bee’s knees in it. We opted to ge the Catimini boys navy down jacket in age 4 so that it could see Leo through next Winter as well, as in reality the weather will be warming up very soon and I wanted to make sure that he would get the most possible wear out of it.

The jacket features faux leather detailing over the shoulders, two side pockets for all the little items that Leo decides to store away, a zip fastening and a lovely fleece lining to keep him toasty and warm. The coat is filled with 70% down and 30% feather, so this coat really is going to be great over the colder months.

As soon as the jacket arrived I invited Leo to come and have a look, he wanted to wear it right away. We weren’t actually going anywhere at that moment in time, in fact it was almost bedtime, but Leo wanted to wear it there and then! So Leo modeled his new coat for us and strutted back and forth around the lounge. Then the next day he decided he was going to have to wear it to nursery to show all of his friends, and I may have been a bit precious here.. But because it is such a beautiful coat, and one that I want him to be able to wear over the coming year.. I insisted he wear his old coat and keep his special coat at home so that it didn't get damaged at school.

Our first trip out with the Catimini was when the car decided to start making a funny noise, so armed with Leo’s new coat and stroller we dropped the car off at the garage and decided to stroll into town and spend the day in the park and feeding the ducks. Getting Leo out of the car and ready for our stroll, I instructed him to put on his coat and he instantly exclaimed ‘I love my warm coat Mummy!’ and happily assisted me with everything that needed to be done before we left the car. It was a sunny but chilly day and I wanted to make sure that Leo was going to be warm enough, especially as he was strapped into the buggy for the walk in.

Of course Leo kept telling me how warm he was, and I only had to place my finger inside his sleeve to know that there was absolutely no way he was feeling cold. He was so warm even just sitting in the buggy. It was about a 25 minute walk to the park from the garage and when we were there, Leo was up and out ready to enjoy his time there. We fed the ducks, played on the swings and of course the tunnel slide!

It was a beautiful day all be it a cold one, and although I found it a little chilly, Leo in his rather snazzy warm coat didn’t seem to notice or mind in the slightest.

The Catimini Boys Down Jacket is from Petit Fashion and is currently on offer at £55.00 down from £122.00. The sizes are fair and Leo at 3 is happily wearing a size 4, and he will continue to get lots of wear out of this next winter. Leo and myself are very pleased with the coat and the overall quality.

Doesn’t he look super?

Disclaimer: Leo was sent the Catimini Boys Down Jacket in exchange for our honest review. All views and opinons expressed are completely honest and my own.

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