Tuesday 24 March 2015

Open, Light & Authentic: How to Get the Nordic Look in Your Home

Getting the Nordic look in your home comes down to choosing the proper woods and designs. You can check out this page to see the kinds of furniture that offer this aesthetic and you can use these simple instructions to create a Nordic feeling inside your house.

#1: Light Woods

The woods that you choose must look like they came in directly from the forest. The lightest woods are most like the woods that you would find the forests of Norway or Sweden, and these woods help to create furniture that looks light on its own. Choosing darker woods hurts the Nordic image because those trees do not grow in Scandinavia.

#2: Light Construction

You should choose furniture pieces that are designed with the lightest construction possible. These furniture pieces should have very few parts, and they should look small enough to fit in a mountain cabin. Your choice of large furniture pieces and heavy woods will damage the Nordic aesthetic because Nordic carpenters must work in the cold nearly all year. They use the lightest woods possible to make their work easier, and they use lighter construction to conserve materials.

#3: Authenticity

There are many authentic pieces -- all signed or dated by the artisan. You can choose pieces that actually came from the old country, or you can choose pieces that look like they belong in the old country. You want to be as authentic as possible when you are decorating your house, and you can ask an associate to help you choose the right pieces for your home.

#4: Open Design

The open design of a furniture piece makes it look much more Nordic in style. These furniture pieces are built to be as light as possible, and they tend to have an open design that helps them to stand. A desk or table that is in the Nordic style is going to have higher legs and much more space for people to sit. 

You can make your home look Nordic if you buy the right furniture. Consider how you can make your home look authentic with the designs above.

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