Tuesday 9 June 2015


Potty training commenced a year ago just before Leo's 3rd Birthday, and now a year later he is completely dry. It was the perfect time for us to tackle the potty mission and he was more than ready to go for it. He was dry within weeks and took to it like a superstar. 
I let Leo lead the way, and didn't apply pressure. It has all been taken at his own speed and in his own time. I didn't want to rush the process and as usual Leo took it all in his stride and at his very own pace. 

I couldn't ask for anything more and now a year later, potty training seems like a lifetime a go. 

Leo now stands up at the throne and *aims* (all be it in recent weeks! But he decided now was the time!) and we FINALLY *Crosses fingers* seem to have resolved the number 2 issue...I don't know if it was just Leo, or boys...Or kids in general, but Leo has had a real issue about using the toilet for anything other than weeing.

It's something I have tried to leave in Leo's jurisdiction for the most part, there have been times where the bribery may have come out to play. There were times that bribery did indeed work, and there were times where he was so close to getting there before he just couldn't bring himself to. 

Like I say it's not something I wanted to force, if he isn't or wasn't ready, then neither was I. I would wait patiently until the day came that he was ready. It has never been an issue during the day, I would send Leo off to nursery, and I wouldn't pack nappies in the bag. He has never had an accident like that, and he would always come home and would either request a nappy for his business.. Or he would wait until bedtime when he would have his nightly nappy put on. Then he would announce that he was about to christen the nappy...run off and hide before announcing that he needed changing. 

Oh the joys!

This process has gone on for the last year on and off. Until last week...

Last week at batth time, Leo told us that he needed a wee. He hopped up on the toilet as he always did, but on this occasion he really surprised us. There in the toilet was something that we as parent's had almost given up hope of ever seeing in anything other than a nappy! 

A poo! 
(Yes we as parents do love to discuss the toilet habits of out children!).

Of course the moments that ensued were all singing and all dancing. Yes we even waved it off as the flush washed around the basin of the toilet. We even high fived and did a little happy dance. It was a BIG, no...MASSIVE moment for my little man. It may not have happened as quickly as it has for other children, but it is something that he was obviously not quite ready for yet, something he wanted to do further down the line.

Now just before he turns 4 years old, just before he starts school. He has done it, and more than once. In fact since this he has done it daily. We have FINALLY cracked it and that to me just feels amazing, you have family advising you on what to do, comparing your child to their child. Their 2 year old has been doing it for weeks and it wasn't an issue, why isn't your almost 4 year old doing it? They tell you that you should make him, push him to do it.

That's not what I am about, and no amount of pushing Leo to do anything is going to help. Time is a great virtue for everyone, parents and children. Give a child time, and they will do things in a fashion that means they are comfortable and confident. Rush them and you risk scaring them and knocking their confidence.

Leo did it, and I know that in the coming months ahead we will kick the night time nappy in exactly the same fashion!

YES! My almost 4 year old still wears a nappy at bedtime. 

And you know what? 

I know he will be amazing when the time comes to make that final transition, 

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