Saturday 27 June 2015

The one where you turn FOUR

4 years old

4 years have come to pass and life as we knew it has never been the same. It's been a series of firsts, lessons and spur of the moment decisions. Together we have mapped our movements, synced our routines and created a life together, as Mother and Son.

4 years old
I have made so many mistakes but you have no idea, of course my momentary lapses in judgement have always been the very best of intentions, but they were my mistakes all the same, but to you I can do no wrong. I am your go to confidant and you are my very best friend through it all. Our fun days out just the two of us cannot be matched, and I adore that one on one quality time with you. Day trips to London or just watching you run around the park, my day is made because it's with you.

I have watched you over the years become the little boy you are today, I have relished every single minute, and today as I watch you turn 4 years old, I am smiling. I'm smiling because I am so proud of you, everything you are, everything you have become, and everything that I know you are going to be.

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Your cheeky disposition that has all the right ingredients to have me collapse into fits of the giggles. The random things you say, the even more random things that you DO! Cast your mind back to walking through Covent Garden with me little man, where you announce that you have a wedgie. YES at the top of your voice. By now you have let go of my hand, and in seconds you have wrenched your jeans around your ankles. You are stood beside me with your pants in public view to ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY! I suddenly realise and begin to help you pull them back up, and the reality is that you have now captured quite an audience. People are smiling and giggling at your mishap and they can't help seeing how endearing you are. After what feels like forever I manage to get you dressed and sort you out, and off we plod on our merry way.

The last few months have seen your personality just explode like fireworks against a nights sky. It was like one night you went to sleep and woke up a confident little boy. That for me was to amazing for words, watching you suddenly going out of your comfort zone and joining in with your peers was incredible. 

Of course with your new found confidence comes a whole host of new scenarios. Usually public scenarios where you initiate conversation with someone or where I run into someone I haven't see for a long time, and you wrap yourself around their legs... And it's only a minute or so later that they realise your with me! 

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Mirage Beach Hotel Tunisia

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A few comic sentances you have come out this month are:

'No Mummy! You can't sing this song, it's for BOYS! Not girls!'

*A lady at the train station walks over the bridge and Leo points *Mummy...I want to put her on the train tracks'.

'Mummy I don't like Daisy *points at Daisy...Face palm* She never talks to me anymore'.

'Mummy it's my birthday, I am four and go to big school in September!'

'Mummy you sleep in my bed and I sleep on your arm?'

'More kiss and more cuddles!'

'I big boy and I go to the gym with you!'

'When I go to bed I will get up and go downstairs!'

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Mirage Beach Hotel Tunisia

Just hearing you get the things you want to say out, the way you say things and the over all confidence that you exude is the biggest change since you turned 3 last year. I can remember asking you some questions last year, and watching the video back it just highlights how far you have come.

As you turn Four things are changing in many senses of the word. You are due to start school this September, and I am in the process of returning full time to work, the days we had a week have decreased and we are finding a new sense of normality. 

You will be pleased to know little man that we have kept your weekly photos alive, although they are now monthly as your not changing as rapidly as you once were. It just goes to show how you have put the baby days behind you once and for all, and now you have thrown the toddler days to the wind too. You really are a little boy now, a little boy who is growing up so very quickly and navigating his own way through this crazy world we live in.

Happy birthday beautiful, 
I hope you have a magical day.


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