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The Mirage Beach Hotel Review - Hammamet Tunisia

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

At the end of April we booked a family holiday, it had been a long time coming and it was something that we all needed. We had a budget that we needed to stick to but we wanted somewhere further a field than Spain, not wanting to end up in England under the sun as you seem to do in so many resorts these days. 

We wanted somewhere hot, cultured and somewhere we could really un-wind, and as I scoured the last minute deals on Thomas Cook, Tunisia was a resort that popped up on multiple occasions and really caught my eye. I clicked through to the hotels, I studied the images, imagined myself there sat around the pool, but just like Goldilocks none of them were for us. 

It was then I came to the Mirage Beach Hotel located in Hammamet, Tunisia. 

It was the price that leaped out at me first thing, drawing me in like a moth to a flame. I studied the photographs just as I had done for each of the other hotels and it looked absolutely perfect. My first instinct was to have a look on Trip Adviser at all of the reviews and see how they stood up in reality, and it was then I discovered that there was no trace of them at all. Upon further investigation I found their Facebook page, and realised that at that moment in time the hotel wasn't open. It had been closed prior to changing hands and was formally known as Club Med. This gave me a little more information to go on, and the reviews on the former hotel were super. I was adamant that this is where I was going on holiday.

We booked and the holiday count down began. Before I knew it the day had arrived and we were crossing the patchwork sky to Tunisia. We arrived around 1am and were promptly checked in, the staff from the very get go were superb and couldn't do enough for you. We were issued with our all inclusive bands, and shown to our room where they set out a big basket of fruit for us to enjoy. This was such a lovely touch for us as we were ravenous from all the travelling, So before going to bed we all indulged in the nectarines and peaches. 

The housekeeping team had turned all of our towels into marvelous creations and that really brightened Leo's very first night. 

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

The Room

We opted for a family bungalow within the hotel grounds, it was situated a short walk from the main complex which was fantastic for us.  The bungalow consisted of a living room with two sofa beds in, they were all ready to be used which was great at gone 1am when we just wanted to get Leo straight into bed. Going through from the lounge there was a toilet and additional shower room with sink on the left hand side, going to the end of the corridor was the main bedroom. 

The rooms all come with air conditioning as standard, ours didn't seem to work for the most part but with the temperature in June being average it wasn't something that we missed. I am sure if we had mentioned it at reception there would have been a resolution, but like I say this wasn't something that effected our stay.

The room was comfortable and suited us perfectly for our needs, we all slept beautifully and recharged ready for another day of adventure. The only things that I would have liked to see in the room were tea and coffee making facilities and perhaps a mini fridge to keep a few bits and pieces in, being all inclusive however they weren't essential items as there was always somewhere to get a beverage or something to eat.

Although the hotel has been refurbished it's apparent that the money has been spent within the hotel rather than on the rooms. The rooms are a little tired, ours came equipped with a hand held shower head, but that for us was no issue at all, the rooms are clean and adequate. In fact I loved our room, and cannot wait to re-book for the next few months time. 

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

The Mirage Beach Hotel

This hotel was heaven for us, we had the most amazing time. From the 3 available pool choices that all feature different depths, to the beautiful beach that was right on the doorstep, to the absolutely FANTASTIC entertainment team. Everyone was friendly, welcoming and would go out of their way to make sure you enjoyed your time there.

With the hotel only being open a month before we visited, there weren't many other guests. This for us was just incredible. We could float around the pool, lounge on the sunbeds and let Leo enjoy himself as loudly as he wanted without having to worry about to many other people. In fact because of this it meant that the guests all formed a community and by the end of the holiday I felt like we had made so many new friends.

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

The entertainment team really did help make our holiday, they engaged with everyone, and even if you are like me and don't usually get involved, you will by the end of your time there have danced with the amazing dancers (They can all move!) taken part in water gym, practiced your archery or even played volley ball on the beach.

The evening shows cannot be missed, they will make you laugh like you have never laughed before, and you will be amazed by just how talented the team are. They even persuaded Luke to dress up as a lady and rollie pollie across the stage, Leo couldn't believe his eyes, and for that matter neither could I...

Make sure you check out the entertainment soundtrack and learn the moves, they will insist you join in!

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

All Inclusive

I think sometimes booking an all inclusive deal can be a little worrying, but Leo, Luke and I were really impressed with the food presented to us each day. There was absolutely something for everybody, even Leo who is the fussiest eater imaginable. From Omelettes and cooked breakfasts to pastries and fruit for breakfast, to pasta, salads, pizza and fresh fruits for lunch, to traditional cuisine, lasagnas, meats and fish to the tastiest puddings...

The chef in the restaurant was so kind, and by the end of the holiday he was putting up plates of the food he rated the best for us. He was right and really did look after us all. You should have seen the fresh chips portion he plated up for Leo on a nightly basis...

Do not miss the Crepe chef in the bar when it comes to your afternoon snack. They are delicious, and just reminiscing has my mouth watering..

Within the all inclusive package you are provided with breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks (excluding the well known brands) and snacks. If you want ice cream from the bar this comes at an additional cost.

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Over all

We had the most fantastic time and the week went by far to quickly. I needed another week, but then that may not have been long enough. We were completely spoiled by everyone who worked there, to the destination it's self. It's not everyday you have such a beautiful hotel all to yourself and the friendliest community right around you. I was sad to go home after such an amazing week, so many people to say goodbye to, so many things I still wanted to do. 

So with those feelings still at the very pit of my stomach, I am determined to go back. I intend to visit again in September this year to catch some more sunshine and make many more memories to go hand in hand with the ones we have already made.

If you are in any doubt about booking the Mirage Beach, push them aside. You will absolutely love this place.
Mirage Beach Hotel Hammamet

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for this post. We booked our own personal holiday there in June and these are my own honest views and opinions.

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely time. I used to like going at the start of a season whilst it was a little more quiet.


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