Tuesday 14 November 2017

The Bissell Instaclean Pet 20696 Review & Vlog

Dalmatian Puppy

This face right here belongs to one of the naughtiest puppies I have ever known. The face may have grown and matured over the last 15 months, but underneath the spots is a rather mischievous pup who loves to cause carnage and loves nothing more than a little destruction. 

You think I am making this stuff up? 

Ha! If only. 

Having a dog has been harder than I ever imagined, and as equally rewarding (when I am not chasing him around the house for the sock, bra or clothes items that he has swiped). But one thing that I have realised I do even more of these days, is house work. 

Boy do dogs make a mess, if only I had known that Lux's favourite pass time would be bringing mud into the house? If only I had known that when they say Dalmatian's shed hair EVERY SINGLE DAY, they really do mean... Every Single DAY! 

But do you know what? 

Even if I did know that my life was about to be turned upside down by those little innocent eyes and devil personna, I wouldn't change a spot on his head. I have had to learn to stop being so precious about things, because things have and will get broken, destroyed... Savaged at some point in time, and if anything I have had to get damn good at housecleaning on the double.

Dalmatian in Cotswolds

When it comes to having pets, all you really need to do is get prepared. Be ready for any eventuality, is that wee on the bottom of the curtain? Maybe...Probably. Turd on the rug... Most definitely. Chewed up shoe, you betcha! 

It almost makes the beige carpet on what can only be described as Lux's runway seem laughable. Because what pet owner in their right mind would have a BEIGE carpet with a dog whose only route in and out of the house (front and back...) is over that light carpet that is the very first thing people who visit your home see.

Oh yeh. That would be me.

So what would I say to anyone who:

A. Has a Dalmatian and knows first hand that Dalmatian hair is NO JOKE.

B. Has a dog and can relate to the struggle.

C. Is thinking about getting a pet and are being dutiful (and responsible) and researching the best practices moving forward.

Whatever your current situation, my advice to you is make sure you invest in the best cleaning technologies, they will be your best friend and they WILL be used multiple times a day.

You will need a good vacuum cleaner (more on this later), and I cannot recommend getting a good carpet cleaner highly enough (remember that beige carpet I told you about?), well if you want it to stay beige, a good carpet cleaner is a necessity (and remember the pee on the curtains... Yeah it will help there too!). Bissell Instaclean Pet 20696 Review
I have recently been testing the Bissell Instaclean Pet 20696, and before I used it on my beige hallway carpet, I had a little challenge ahead of me. When I say little challenge... I actually mean quite a mammoth test, almost comparable to the Hunger Games or when Harry Potter actually came face to face with Voldemort for the very first time....

Ok so it might not be as horrifying as that, but it was close. I took the Bissell Instaclean over to my parents house to have a go at my sister's bedroom (I must note here that this is NOT my house!), but after I saw the state of her bedroom and just how effective the machine was in turning the carnage into something a little less terrifying, I knew that the little mud blemishes in my hallway would not be an issue for my carpet cleaner.

So I hear you ask 'How bad could your sisters room be?'... Well I am glad you asked.

Bissell Instaclean Pet 20696 Review

Bissell Instaclean Pet 20696 Review

You can check out how we got on with the Bissell Instaclean in the below video that is live over on my YouTube Channel!

It has to be said that this is the carpet that they had laid when they moved into the house over 20 years ago, but quite how someone does this to a carpet is beyond me. This is a combination of make up, nail varnish, burns to the actual carpet and god knows what else (Judging by the stains left over I would be pretty safe in saying that I think some of that Alien slime is kicking around...).

I spent a good few hours gliding the Bissell Instaclean over this neglected carpet, I also spent a lot of that time on my hands and knees scrubbing with the attached hose to try and get as much of the dirt and grime out of the carpet fibers as possible. 

Bissell Instaclean Pet 20696 Review

It is suffice to say that I was pretty speechless when I saw the actual extent of her carpet (and yes I did tell her that I would clean it in exchange for the before and after photos!).

The Bissell Insteaclean Pet comes with everything you need to get started and it was really simple to put together. It is about the same size as your standard vacuum cleaner, so it isn't going to take up a whole lot of space, and mine is kept under the stairs with the rest of my cleaning equipment. 

Now I thought I would show you these first photos initially because, this really does showcase what the Bissell can do, and in the grand scheme of things it turns out that my dog is more house proud than my sister (Inserts giggles). 

Bissell Instaclean Pet 20696 Review

As you can see my beige carpet has come up rather nicely, you could say as good as new. The slight staining that I was pulling my hair out over, worked out incredibly quickly with the Bissell and I am so impressed with this machine. It's not just the pup who gets us in a mess every now and again, I am equally guilty when it comes to taking coffee upstairs first thing in the morning. I cannot wait to attack the stairs with this over the coming weeks ahead. 

Disclaimer: I was sent the Bissell Instaclean Pet 20696 for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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