Tuesday 14 November 2017

UK Swimwear - Gottex Star Fame Triangle Bikini Review

UK Swimwear Gottex Star Fame Triangle Bikini

There was a time not so long ago that I hated the thought of wearing a bikini, and when holidays rolled around I would give it a go, but I can honestly say that I never felt confident. I remember looking at other girls on the beach, with their slim frames and toned midriffs, and when I looked down at my own tummy, it was as though I was a million worlds away.

 I put myself on many a diet, but nothing ever really stuck. I didn't have the mindset or apparently the want to make the change (not at the cost of chocolate and fizzy drinks anyway!), but something in me changed, and one day I decided to throw myself at a new lifestyle hard. Something had changed this time, I was driven, focused and I needed to see change.

Over the next few months I propelled that change forward, my clothes got looser and looser until eventually.... Everything was far too big. 

I soon realised that you get what you put into this whole fitness malarky, and today I might fall off the wagon every now and again, but I can look back and see just how far I have come, not only with how my body looks in a swimming costume, but because of how I feel in one.

It really does all come down to how you feel, the aim of the game is to be happy, happy and healthy, and that is exactly where I am right now. 

I was recently sent a rather beautiful bikini, you may have seen it in my recent So Shape post! It's the Gottex Star Fame Triangle Bikini from UK Swimwear, and I am absolutely head over heels in love with it. 

UK Swimwear Gottex Star Fame Triangle Bikini

I was drawn to this particular design because it is the kind of thing that I have always loved, and exactly what I would have seen other girls wearing and wished I could pull off myself. It fits absolutely perfectly, I am wearing the size 8 in these photos, and that fits well both on top and bottom. It is often a worry when I order bikini's online because I have a smaller upper half to my bottom, so I always have to hope that the top won't be too big!

I am pleased to report that my order from UK Swimwear was absolutely perfect and it is by far my personal favourite swimwear. I love how the top wraps around and ties at the back creating a bandage effect, it looks exceptionally classy in Black and White, sometimes keeping designs simple is the key to real magic, and that has most certainly been achieved here.

UK Swimwear Gottex Star Fame Triangle Bikini

As you can see, the black on this bikini looks as though it is encrusted with diamonds, and although simple it really does look amazing. The white floral areas on the cups just give it that extra bit of detail that completes the look.

The bottoms are black aside from the diamond panel on each side and of course the small white flowers on on the front and back.

Speaking as a small busted girl, this bikini does absolutely everything I need it too, the cups are moulded to give you that extra bit of support, but I am lucky enough to be able to wear bikini's even if they don't have that support (small boob perks!).

The Gottex Star Fame Triangle Bikini retails at £148.95, and is unlike anything else you are going to come across on the beach front, this little number will be coming along on my summer holidays this year.

I was sent the above swimwear for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed on this product are 100% honest and my own.

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