Tuesday 4 November 2014

40 Months Old

40 months have come and gone since your arrival, 3 whole years and 5 months that have brought smiles, adventure and mischief. In 40 months you have transformed from a small helpless baby into an independent, happy little boy. A boy who is determined, wise, stubborn, charismatic and cheeky, a clever little man who wants to know more about the big old world around him. A boy who loves trains without a shadow of a doubt, and will chat to no end about anything and everything to do with them.

This month we submitted your application to school, and this action alone seems absolutely bonkers. I cannot get my head around the fact that come September you will be starting school, in my mind this milestone should still be years away and not a mere 10 months. I wonder how you will feel at such a big change? I know that when you do start you are just going to seem even more grown up, and life really will never be the same. Starting school means you will become more independent than I have ever known, you will have new friends and activities. Where has the last 40 months gone!?

October saw a rather large milestone for you, and you finally (deliberately) did a number 2 on the toilet! Yes I had to bribe you, yes it involved purchasing another train and yes you haven’t done it again since… But you tried and succeeded! It was all your decision as well little man, you decided to days after we had a conversation about the treat you would get if you used the toilet. You got up and told me you needed to go, we held hands as you lead me to the bath room and then you just got on with it. I couldn't quite believe it and I was so proud of you, you may have noticed the round of applause and the excited cheers you received!

As soon as you had done your business though you wanted your prize for being so grown up, and I promised that we would go later that day to pick it up. Time ran away with us and for one reason or another I didn’t make it to Tesco with you. That evening I put you to bed and told you I would pick it up on the way home so that you could have it first thing the next day. Only my mind went completely blank, and when I arrived home to find that you were still awake I felt so incredibly guilty. So at 9:30pm I put on your warmest PJ’s and slippers, strapped you into the car and took you to get your just desserts. You were so excited and the adventure was so totally worth it, you went to bed one happy little man, and couldn’t wait to wake up to play trains the next day! And I of course kept my promise!

You have been coming out with more sentences and been making a real effort, even your nursery key worker has commented on how chatty you have been. What made me giggle was when you brushed past me the other day and said ‘scuse me Mummy, I need a wee’ and took yourself off to the bath room.  You spent half term week telling me ‘school closed’ and I think you really enjoyed the weeks rest. Yet when it was time to go back you were so excited, I seem to remember lots of excited ‘YAY YAY YAY’ filling my ears.

You have been chatting lots about Christmas and have firmly decided that you would like a Nintendo DS as your main present. Now whenever Christmas does come up in conversation you tell me that Santa will be bringing you one down the chimney. Not to mention your comments about just how many presents you will have under the tree, somewhere in the region of ‘Lots and lots and lots!’ if I recall correctly.

It’s hard to believe that 40 months ago back in June 2011 you had only just graced us with your presence, and now 40 months on it is hard to in vision a time before you, a life before you. A life without you. This time of year always puts me in a reflective mood, and it was on the 5th November 2010, that I first discovered you were coming along. It was scary, unexpected and amazing all at the same time… And now here we are about to take on a new month and many new challenges.

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  1. He looks so happy, and I have no idea how our babies are heading off to school next year, eek!


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