Saturday 8 November 2014

The Micro Floral White Scooter Review

I am a big believer in getting involved in Leo’s play, and as one of Leo’s favourite pastimes happens to be scooting, I wanted to get involved and join in with the fun he has. Leo is getting to an age now where he is using his scooter more and more, and we are even beginning to take it out and about with us so that if he gets tired he doesn’t have to walk. It is also a way to encourage him to walk more and stay down on the ground, because 9 times out of 10 he will usually demand to be carried.

Micro Scooter very kindly sent me the Micro Floral WhiteScooter so that I could attempt to keep up with my toddler, and over the last few months I have been putting it through its paces and have been really enjoying using it. In fact Leo has been really enjoying me using it too, it has given a lot more opportunity to get outside and play in this beautiful weather we have been graced with of late.

The Micro Scooter arrived very quickly after the order was placed, I was kept up to speed with where it was at any one time and also told when it would be arriving. I could not fault the Micro Scooter website if I tried, everything is clearly laid out and easy to navigate and the order process is fantastic.

The scooter was delivered by courier and I was impressed with how promptly it arrived from the point of order. The scooter required no assembly and was just a case of popping up the handle, and it was ready to hit the great outdoors with my little man.

The scooter handles really well and after I found my confidence (having not scooted since I was a child!) I was keeping up with Leo no problem, and he absolutely loved that his Mummy had her own set of wheels.

The scooter has been perfectly designed for adults (or bigger kids in my case) and boasts a larger frame and bigger wheels in order to allow taller riders to enjoy scooting, and even get out and about with the kids. The handlebar is height adjustable so I can quickly and easily adjust this within a few moments, this means that regardless of your age or height, you are never too tall to enjoy the Adult Micro Scooter!

The fact that I can fold the scooter down to cart around with me is just super, and it will come in really handy when we go away as a family. Leo is so pleased that Mummy has her very own scooter, and the novelty hasn’t worn off. Having your 3 year old invite you out to play has to be the best feeling ever!

Driving the scooter has proven incredibly easy, it’s simple a case of leaning and steering the scooter in the direction that you wish. It glides along smoothly because the deck is lower to the floor, which is also good in case I mis-judge the steering and decide to throw myself off. I would be telling a white lie if I said I hadn’t got a little carried away with my scooting!

The Technical Bit..

Max User Weight: 100kg / 15.75 Stone
Scooter Weight: 4.70kg
Bearings: Abec 5
Deck Material: Aluminium
Wheel Dimensions: Front & Back 200mm
Wheel Style: 78a cruisers
Deck Dimension: 41cm x 12.7 cm
Handlebar Height: 72cm -103cm
Folding Dimensions: 74cm x 12.7cm x 30cm

I personally loved being able to scoot the summer days away with Leo, and now he is getting older there is going to be so much more opportunity for us to get out and about on our scooters. Your only as old as you feel, and I think I am destined to be a big kid for the rest of my days, so one day when you come across a scooting Granny, the chances are that it is me on my much loved Floral White Micro Scooter.

You can check out the full Adult Micro Scooter range on their website, and you can pick up the Floral White Micro Scooter for £169.95.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Floral White Micro Scooter for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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  1. Lovely! Should review more scooters. I didn t kwow micro had floral scooter. It fits you perfectly


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