Friday 7 November 2014

Disney On Ice Presents: Magical Ice Festival

With Leo getting older I find myself looking at new ways to show him the magic in the world. Being a big Disney fan I have often thought about Disney On Ice, but until this year I haven't really felt that he was ready for such a grown up event. Now at 3, and with his growing love for all things Disney, especially Toy Story, Cars and Frozen, I thought that now may be a fantastic time to show him all the magic that comes along with an event like this. Having never been before myself, I know that the experience is going to be one that we both remember for a very long time to come.

Disney On Ice have just announced a rather splendid addition to their 2015 tour that commences from the 11th March and runs through until the 17th May 2015. The magical addition that is sure to have kids all of the UK jumping up and down in excitement (And the grown up's too!) is that Disney's Frozen is joining the much loved Disney On Ice ranks in the new Magical Ice Festival!

As always the show promises to be full of your all time favourite characters, kicking off with Mickey and Minnie Mouse guiding fans through the winter wonderland where you will meet Sebastian and of course King Triton's daughters, including Ariel herself from Disney's The Little Mermaid, not to mention favourites from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Of course what you all want to hear about is Frozen, where the audience will journey up the North Mountains with that much loved snowman Olaf, accompanied by Kristoff and Sven as they each try to assist sisters Anna and Elsa along their way. Expect action, adventure, magic and songs you cannot help but sing along with,

2015 will definitely be a great year to visit Disney On Ice, or even introduce little one's for the very first time. I will most certainly be taking Leo along next year, and I cannot wait to see his little face light up when he see's all of his favourite characters right before his eyes.

Tickets have gone on sale today for 2015, and you can book from a wide selection of venues:

- Aberdeen
- Liverpool
- Glasgow
- Birmingham
- London
- Cardiff
- Nottingham
- Leeds

You can click here for further ticket details and show times.

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions shared are completely honest and my own.

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