Thursday 27 November 2014

The Nava Hair Straightener Review

My hair has always had a natural wave to it, and there have been points in my life where I have not really known what to do with it. I can remember the first time I discovered hair straighteners, a cousin ran her set through my hair and I couldn't believe that she had managed to tame my wild mane. For the first time my hair was sleek and straight, it ddidn'thave random flicks shooting up willy nilly, and I was so pleased to see it behaving…Finally!

I can remember being really frustrated with my hair on many different occasions, I would always have random bits standing up on end that no amount of brushing would relax. So after this magical first encounter I vowed to purchase a pair of hair straighteners for myself. I must have only been around 14 at the time, but now I had experienced straight hair for the first time.. I couldn’t go back to frizzy un-manageable hair.

I have been straightening my hair now for the last 11 years and in that time frame I have used a number of different brands, some I have loved, others I haven’t loved as much. I have recently been given the opportunity to try the Nava Hair Straightener with Magnetic Plates. This is a brand that I have not personally used myself before, but I was looking forward to seeing how I got on with them.


100% solid ceramic magnetized plates
Heats up to 450F
FAR Infrared & Ionic technology
Floating plates to customise style
Temperature control
Dual voltage
360 degree swivel cord

The Nava Straighteners arrived in a smart presentation box and looked every inch the part, they boast a 360 degree swivel cord and heat up to 450F. I had been instantly impressed with the specifications, but was this hair straightener going to live up to my high expectations?

I have been using the Nava straighteners for the last few weeks now over my usual pair of GHDs, and I have to say that it is giving them a run for their money, and at £79.99 (soon to be £99.99) they are a fraction of the £130+ I spent back in August.

What really stood out for me was the temperature control dial, I can vary the heat depending upon the results I want to achieve, and where I am using the straighteners. I liked that I didn’t have to use the full heat setting when doing my fringe, as I have found in the past that my fringe is the first to react to the heat resulting in split ends.

The straighteners don’t  take long to heat up, but I did have to have a guess as to when they were ready as there is no alert to tell you. My GHDs beep to let me know that they are at temperature, but I wasn’t 100% with these. Once you have established that they are ready you can get straight to work, and I found them a dream to work with. They are light and easy to manoeuvre around your hair, and they glided right through to the ends. The long cord aided the ease of the Nava and it didn’t take me to long to work my way around the entirety of my head.

As you can see the straighteners have done a really good job, and I am really pleased with the performance value, not to mention that they come with a lifetime guarantee! This guarantee alone is very impressive, and I have never owned a pair of straighteners that offers this. Years ago I was buying a new hair straightener every  couple of months due to the cord becoming faulty and not connecting properly to the straighteners. This was obviously  a common fault with the brand, but there was no form of warranty in place, which in hind sight they probably should have had. So to have this peace of mind from Nava, and to see their confidence in their product, you know you are in good hands.

Over all I really like the Nava Straighteners, they are great value for money and promise to serve you for a long time. So if you are stuck for Christmas ideas why not take a closer look at Nava?

Disclaimer: I was sent the Nava Hair Straighteners for the purpose of this review, but all views and opinons expressed are completely honest and my own.

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