Sunday 18 October 2015

Halloween at Life Unexpected

Adult Halloween Zombie

I have always loved Halloween, as a young girl it was a night that I looked forward to as much as Christmas. I have always loved the mystery and spookiness that surrounds All Hallows Eve, if it was gory or horrifying and had the potential to put the shivers down my spine, I was all over it. 

Even as I have gotten older, the love for this night has stayed with me, and now I have my own little boy who is growing up and loving just how unique this night is, and he to looks forward to getting dressed up and trick or treating around the local area, with me by his side of course.

Last year was the very first year that Leo actually took part in any real Halloween celebrations, and we ended up at a family friends Halloween Party, where Leo had the most amazing time and continued to talk about the night right up until today. Leo is so excited about the festivities that he knows are just around the corner, and he has been thoroughly enjoying helping me prepare for our very own Halloween event this year!

So what is around for Halloween 2015 and how can you create the perfect spooky experience within a budget?

Home Bargains Halloween

Home Bargains is one of Leo's favourite haunts, in the small Worcestershire town in which we live, we don't have many shops left these days, you could say that it is somewhat of a ghost town... So it is very fitting that they are stocked the shelves to the nines full of the most spooky and wonderful additions to really help kick Halloween off with a BANG.

Home Bargains Halloween

Halloween Pumpkin Costume £5.99

From decorations for the home right through to costumes for the kids (and the big kids if you are not one to miss out on the Halloween action!), there is something for everyone. With prices to match the great selection available, you can kit the entire house and family out for Halloween without breaking the bank. 

We were sent a great selection of Halloween goodies to help us on our a way to our spookiest Halloween to date, and Leo is rather excited to get the house on the road to spooksville.

Aldi Halloween

In store now is everything that you need to throw the spookiest Halloween Party ever, but as the items are sure to fly on the run up to the big day, it is advisable to pop into your local store sooner rather than later. Our local Aldi is a popular store and you can guarantee that as soon as the special buys are in.. They are out again just as fast. 

From festive party wear to get you in the mood for trick or treating, to dressing for the occasion, there is a great selection of Halloween festivities to help get you in the mood. If you are planning a party don't forget to pick up some groceries that you can cook up for part of your feast. Why not get creative with some hot dog sausages? They make the perfect fingers, and Aldi have actually shared some fantastic food ideas that will help you put on a party to remember! 

Aldi Halloween

Dobbies Garden Centre:  Tricks and Treats this Halloween

With Autumn upon us, a trip to the garden centre is a must. Leo and I love to visit our local as it is a treasure trove of wonderful things that you quite simply cannot find anywhere else. Dobbies is no exception to this rule, and now they have a whole host of gorgeous Halloween items on display. They invite you to get spooked with the fun range that is ideal for inside and outside your home.  

Dobbies Garden Centre Halloween


Leo's cousin Josh is an October baby, and with Halloween right around the corner it seems fitting to entwine the spooky date into his party plans. That is exactly what happened this year, with the theme of Pirates taking the driving seat and all of the children in attendance donning their pirate attire, they certainly brought a fun atmosphere to Josh's big day.

Leo wore a Pirate Costumer from Sainsbury's Halloween Range, and he looked incredibly smart. It came equipped with a sword and Pirates Hat, and that really helped Leo get into character. He spent the entire morning on the run up to the party in his costume and having sword fights with Josh. Once the party time arrived, all the children unleashed themselves on the bouncy castle! 

This costume would make a great alternative to spookier costumes and definitely looks the part! Leo ran, jumped, hopped and skipped in this costume and it will still live to see another day!

Sainsburys Halloween

Halloween Treats and Festive House Touches

Us big kids know that it isn't all about the children. After I put Leo to bed on Halloween I often like to stick a horror film on, light a few candles and enjoy a few treats. Of course you can bet money that the door bell will keep ringing all evening, but that's ok. Armed with my big Trick or Treat multi-pack of Haribo, I tackle the ghoulish visitors one at a time and send them on their way with a treat (usually!).

Yankee Candle Candy Corn Candle

Of course as the evening goes on, the door knocks get less, and less. Before long all is quiet and it is just me, myself and the television. If you find yourself in my position and have some quality time on your hands, why not treat yourself to a Candy Corn Yankee Candle (which actually smells good enough to eat) and stick your favourite horror on with a few snacks? 

I for one will be enjoying a Whitard of Chelsea Hot Chocolate with Mini Marshmallows melted on top, or if your feeling especially festive, why not try the Toffee Apple Halloween Caddy?
Whitards of Chelsea
Green Candle Lights by PK Green Shop
It's no secret that I have somewhat of a sweet tooth, in fact it's something that I work pretty hard to keep under lock and key, because as soon as I get a taste for the sweet stuff, I am like a kid in a candy shop. I was very recently sent a lovely Halloween box of fudge from Fudge Kitchen. It came beautifully seasoned in Halloween spirit and with 4 delicious pieces of tantalizing fudge.

With Screeching Moon, Treacle Toffee, Bats Eye Stew (My favourite) and Spider Web you couldn't really pick out anything more special for your Halloween snacks (once the kids are in bed of course because we don't want to share...)

Or if you are looking for a healthier treat this Halloween, then you definitely need to cast your attention to Soreen who have two delicious limited edition flavors out:  Toffee Apple and Chocolate and Blood Orange Lunch Box Loaves! 


Disclaimer: I was sent the above items for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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