Friday 23 October 2015

Life Unexpected's Top Kitchen Gadgets

Courgette Pizza
Courgette Pizza and Polenta Fries 

It's been a busy few months around here, and the biggest change has seen me working for myself over going out to a conventional form of employment like I am used to. Before this change came around, I was at a point where I was starting to think about moving back out of the family home again, to give Leo and I some space just for ourselves. 

This is still something that I am pondering right now, as I often feel like I am sat around waiting for my life to start, and right now I feel like grabbing it with both hands. 

My biggest aspiration about getting back into my own place again is the kitchen. Oh how I long for my very own kitchen again. As many of you know I am really into my home cooking, I get quite experimental in the kitchen and I am always trying new and wonderful creations...Maybe you remember my courgette pizza

The thing about making a lot of these unique and wonderful creations is the equipment that you need in order to get you the finished product. I have the majority of the tools available, I have my own Vitamix blender, my own Nutribullet and all the little bits and pieces, but I cannot realistically leave them out while I am still at home. They take up a lot of work surface space, and for me being the only one really using them, they tend to just get in everybody else's way. 

Of course once I am out, in my own home with my own kitchen, I can set everything up in the exact way that I would like, It is going to make my culinary life so much easier, and I am a little bit excited about all of my kitchen gadgets coming out to play! 

Life Unexpected's Top Kitchen Gadgets

- The Nutribullet
- Russel Hobbs Food Processor 
- The Vitamix 
- The Sage Adjusta Grill 
- Spiralizer 
- Vegetable Peeler
- Nut Chopper

Once you start to get a little bit creative in the kitchen and cook up dishes that are a little outside the box, you soon begin to realise all of their unique uses. I once thought that because I had the Vitamix that I wouldn't need a food processor at all, but boy was I wrong. They both have their strengths but, I most definitely need the food processor in conjunction (Casts mind back to that time I made the Nutribullet smoke....)

Along with the equipment that I need in my kitchen, I also swear by a number of rather wonderful ingredients. Over the course of the 16 months that I have turned my lifestyle on it's head, my shopping list has completely changed. What I stock in my cupboards has transitioned beyond recognition. I have swapped up ingredients, dropped none essential items and even bought weird and wonderful additions that once upon a time I hadn't even heard of (and couldn't even begin to pronounce for that matter!).

Staple items in my cupboards:

- Quinoa 
- Coconut Oil
- Coconut Flour
- Porridge Oats
- Honey
- Cacao
- Coconut Milk
- Almond Milk
- Almond Butter
- Peanut Butter
 - Fresh fruit and vegetables
- Wholemeal Rice
- Wholemeal Pasta
- Meat 
(A lot of Chicken and Steak)

How do you have your kitchen set up? 

Do you have a top kitchen gadget that you just couldn't be without? 

My top kitchen gadget has to be the Nutribullet, I love how compact it is in comparison to the Vitamix, but I have to admit I am looking forward to getting it back out when I do find my new place, and get the kitchen exactly the way that I want it.

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