Monday 5 October 2015

The things He Say's

This is a post that I have wanted to write for the longest time, when all of the children Leo's age were coming out with quirky sentences, Leo was still learning to put a few words together. He said things, and although the understanding was there, the language he gave us was some what restricted.

Today Leo is a talking machine, he comes out with so many hilarious and down right funny lines that literally resolve me to tears. I wanted to share a few from the last few months here, so that they are documented and not forgotten.

Scenario 1
Were in Lidl grabbing a few bits for dinner when Leo pipes up 'Mummy the Lidl Lion!' knowing full well that his Auntie has made up a story about there being a Lidl Lion, I told him 'I think someone has been pulling your leg little man'. He looked me square in the eyes, and he looked down at his leg before looking directly back at me and said 'Mummy no one is pulling my leg!'.

Scenario 2
Granddad likes to take Leo into the nature reserve behind the house most weekends, donning his wellington boots and jacket, off they march into the woodland together. Leo looks forward to these trips, because Granddad lets him get away with all of the things that Mummy wont. On this occasion they weren't gone as long as they would usually be, and I heard Leo's cries before I saw him. He was wailing, screaming and hysterical, repeating over and over how he has broken his hand. 'Mummy! I broke my hand, I broke my hand! I need a new body! This one is broken!'. I expected to see something out of a horror movie when I swept him up in my arms, only to behold a little cut on his hand where he must have fallen over. 'I need my blanket, I need my juice because I have broken my hand! I need a new body Mummy!'.

Scenario 3
Leo: Mummy it's almost Christmas! Santa will come soon!'
Me: 'It's a few months away yet little man!'
Leo: I am excited, Santa will bring presents down the chimney! 
Lots of new toys!' He might burn his bum!'

Scenario 4
I am not really sure where this one has come from, but out of no where Leo has started calling me a a 'silly drunk'. I was getting ready the other morning when I turned to that four year old of mine and asked him 'How do I look?' expecting a simple alright or try harder remark..Only when asked Leo responded 'You look drunk Mummy!'. Thanks little man!

Scenario 5
Leo started school a month ago, and of course at first it was exciting and new, but it hasn't taken long for him to question why he needs to attend... 
Leo:'Why do I have to go to school Mummy?'
Me: 'Well little man, it's so that you can learn to read and to write and gain life experiences so that one day you can get a job'.
Leo: 'A job? Get a job today? That will tire me up Mummy!'.
Me: 'No not today, when you are all big and grown up like Daddy. 
Leo: 'I want to be a racing car driver'.

Scenario 6
While watching old family videos
Leo: 'Where were you when the video was being recorded mummy?'
Me: 'I was behind the camera little man, recording you running around'.
 *Leo looks behind the camera* 
Leo: 'No you aren't Mummy!'

I love the little conversations and random bursts that comes out of Leo's mouth these days, and I look forward to capturing so many of the funny things that he says, because he really is growing up. His outlook on the world, his views and his opinions are all shining through, and the innocence that he exudes when he speaks is something really special.

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