Tuesday 29 September 2015

Netflix Stream Team: September

Netflix Stream Team

These last few months I have been more addicted to Netflix than ever before, I have loved nothing more than tucking myself up in bed, flicking the TV on and relaxing with my latest box set addiction. Pretty Little Liars (Although I will be very careful about how I use the Netflix and chill terminology now I am familiar with the word on the street!).

I have finally come to the end of the line with Pretty Little Liars (well for the time being anyway!). I know who A is, and I never saw it coming, not for one single moment. That's what I have loved about the series since the get go, the twists and turns have really kept me on the very edge of my seat, biting my nails and reeling in shock. That's exactly what I look for in a series that I can really get into, each of the characters are all so unique and boast their own likability factors that you just can't help but love them. 

So with one love affair ending for the time being, I have left with a box set hole in my life, one that I needed to fill as quickly as possible, because if I am not writing on this here blog, if I am not at the gym, you can guarantee that I am taking advantage of my Netflix subscription. I told you all last month about the potentials for my next series, and I am now storming my way through the 3rd season of Orange is the New Black. 

This is a series I started watching not long after the release of the very first season. At the time I flicked that pilot episode on, I wasn't expecting great things in all honesty. It was a series that I didn't anticipate enjoying, but from the very start my expectations were just blown away. The Netflix original series are actually the exact reason that you should get an account if by some insane reason you have missed the explosion of television on demand in recent years, I have to ask the question, have you been hiding under a rock?

Demand television is the only way I get to watch anything these days, being a parent has meant that any TV that is used throughout the day, will undoubtedly be all of Leo's favourite programs and films, you can bet your bottom dollar that anything I want to watch...Well I can just forget it. That is exactly why Netflix is such a valuable asset to me, because there are evenings where I want to do nothing more than get into bed, turn the TV on, lock out the world and just simply lose myself in a story on the box. 

The convenience factor of Netflix has fit into my crazy existence and is perfectly suited to my busy (often hectic!) life. If I want to stay up until 1am and chain watch my latest series, then I absolutely can (and absolutely do!), if I want to pause it half way through and pick up exactly where I left of.. No problem. If Leo decides to get ill while i'm engrossed in what I am watching, the days of missing the ending are long gone. 

Disclaimer: As part of the Netflix Stream Team I am provided complimentary Netflix to meet my addiction. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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