Monday 14 September 2015

The first week of school

Reception class 2015

A week ago today I dropped you off for your very first day of school. I held your hand as we walked into your class room, and as the other parent's started to leave, you tentatively began to release your grip. You pulled me in for a hug, and then another, and then another after that. Your nerves showing through, your uncertainty for what was coming ahead in that very first day.

You were absolutely fine just like I knew you would be. When I came to pick you up you saw me and shot me a look, a look as if to say 'how dare you leave me here'. You were playing in the little wooden castle in the reception play ground. You hid behind a wall until I came to find you, while all of the other children threw their arms around their parents, you seemed angry at me, I had come to pick you up just as I had promised, I swept you off to McDonald's for a first day treat just as I had promised..But the story has been the same each day since then. You see me and march off with thunder in your eyes, as soon as I get you back to the class room to collect your things you are absolutely fine again, but that initial meeting after I arrive isn't quite where it should be yet.

School has completely tired you out and for the first week and a half you are only part time, I don't quite know how you are going to take to full time school hours just yet, but your teacher has been very supportive of this. She has told me that I can come in and get you if you get that little bit to sleepy, you have only just turned four in the last 12 weeks, so in comparison to some seasoned 4 year old's there is quite an age gap. 

I have been really lucky in the respect that for the first time ever, I am the one who is taking you to and from school. I am a school run Mum! I am really enjoying this as it's something that I never thought that I would get the opportunity to do for you, not consistently day in and out anyway. I am mingling with other Mum's, making friends and have a fighting chance of getting to know exactly who you are talking about, and it's a super feeling. 

Reception class 2015

When the bell rings you launch yourself at me, you give me a big hug and a kiss. I hold you tight and tell you to have a super day. You take your book bag and your water bottle and direct yourself towards your teacher. As you make your way into the courtyard by the classroom your lip starts to quiver. You stand still, you want another kiss, and another cuddle. I pop in and give you the reassurance that you need. There was one day last week where you went straight in and didn't back track for the additional love, but each other day it has been something that has eased you in.  

The afternoon's after school are what I am struggling with, it's been difficult because you are so tired. Really I know that you could do with a sleep and some quiet time, but I am in two mind's about giving you the luxury of an afternoon sleep simply because come Thursday you will be in school until 3pm, and it seems cruel to let you nap (even if you really don't want too) only for the end of the week to rock around and that option no longer be there..

I know it's a learning curve for both of us, I have always said that. I know it's an even bigger learning curve for you and I have to be patient, and I know at times I struggle with the patience side. I don't mean to get frustrated, but sometimes your bad mood get's under my skin and I just don't know what to do with you. It doesn't mean I love you any less. it just means that I am only human, and we could both benefit from some quiet time snuggled up with a movie and some popcorn. 

Mummy and son

As a treat in the next few weeks to celebrate your new school, I am going to whisk you away to the beach. Now the weather is getting cooler I cannot think of anything better than putting on our coats, and our wellies and taking a trip to the seaside just the two of us. It's something that I have never had the courage to do with you before because I am such a scaredy cat when it comes to the motorway, but suddenly it doesn't seem quite so scary any more. It was only the other week that you became my very first solo motorway passenger as we whisked ourselves off to Drayton Manor for a few hours of fun.

School may seem big and scary at times, but you are navigating it in your own way and in your own time. You have an amazing support network and they have told me that your absolutely fine when I am not there, so I can only hope that soon when I come to collect you, you will be happy to see me.

But this is just the very first week, and you are settling in so well.

Well done beautiful boy x

Brantano have put together a series of fun infographics in honour of the children starting school this month. They have hit little man's school uniform on the head, and it is suffice to say that he is looking incredibly smart.

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