Monday 7 September 2015

Build yourself UP

Self confidence

It's been over a year since I moved back to the family home, and what a year it has been. It's been a bit of a roller coaster to say the least, from packing that very first box, being made redundant back in April, to the here and now, where I am still coming to terms with the fact that I may be taking on my latest adventure. Becoming a full time blogger.

Blogging is a role that I quite simply adore, it's a dream job for me, Working for myself, earning my own money and being able to be there for Leo as and when he needs me. It has always been that though, a dream. Now when I sit here trying to fathom which email to respond to first, or the most practical way to tackle that never ending to do list, I realise that the possibility and the work is there for the taking, all I need to throw at it is time. 

Every parent knows that time can be a bit of a buzz kill, moving home actually saw me lose even more times when it came to my blog, I saw a light with my fitness and ran with it. That meant that the time I would have once spent in an evening sitting in front of the laptop, was spent trying to achieve new goals for myself. 

Now here I am at the start of my very new venture, one that I am incredibly excited and nervous about (More excited than anything else!) I have a new sense of confidence and reason to push forward. Before now something has held me back, I can't put my finger exactly on what... Whether it was through a lack of self confidence, maybe a fear that I may let myself down or something else? Whatever the reason, I have never taken that chance. 

Until now.

Times a funny old thing and it is thanks to time that you WILL find yourself outside of your comfort zone. Life would be a little bit boring if things didn't get shaken up every once in a while right? Did I ever think I would be in the National News with my family talking about our crazy set up? Nope! But I did. Did I ever think that I would shed the weight? Not really! Did I ever think that I would spend my Saturday would be spent looking at bathroom furniture and bed sheets? Nope, it's definitely outside of my usual shopping! With a little help of Tesco online this was made much easier.

Let's face it, if things were to stay the same throughout our entire lives, would we ever take a chance? Would we ever step outside that box we are all quite happy sitting inside? I am inclined to say that we wouldn't. 

One thing that I really have discovered about myself this year is just how strong I am as a person. I breathe positivity and it's a quality that I am so happy to possess. It is a rarity that I ever feel stressed, and sometimes when I think about what I have actually lived through this year, I wonder how I have managed it with a smile on my face. 

Some of that is a blog post for another day, but each day that passes just makes that smile of mine get a little bit wider.

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