Tuesday 1 September 2015

Fun in the sun with Konfidence

Ever since I arrived back from Tunisia in June, I have been caught with the travel bug. I just want to get out into the world and experience everything that it has to offer. With Leo in tow it is important to me to find adventurous trips away that will keep us both entertained, and both smiling.

While we were away in Tunisia we had such a super time, I cannot even begin to describe just how amazing it was to see Leo splashing away and finding his confidence in the child's pool. Leo has always been a little bit afraid of the water, and it takes him a little while to find his fins and enjoy the experience. 

Before we went away we were sent some swimming aids from Konfidence, and to say that they helped Leo take like a fish to water is a little bit of an understatement. The Original Konfidence Jackets retailing at £22.99 are such a great addition to any holiday, it features a 8 removable float system provides built in buyoncy to little ones. Leo has never got on well with arm bands, so this for us has proven in-valuable, each day Leo would actually ask to wear his jacket so that he could get his fill of the water, in which has helped bring our little water baby on in leaps and bounds.

The second item that we couldn't rate highly enough while we were away was the Konfidence Sun Protection Suit retailing at £17.50. When you are away it is one thing to keep little one's completely smothered in sun screen, but in the heat of the Tunisian sunshine I didn't want to take any chances. 

Before we headed out to the pool each day I would pop Leo in the suit, slather cream on his feet, ears and face eliminating the risk of sun burn further. He didn't mind being covered up at all, and I took great satisfaction in knowing that he was getting to enjoy himself and there wasn't a worry that the cream may come off and let us down.

Offering 50+UPF, or 98%+ protection aginst the sun's harmful UV rays, the sun suits also feature the latest UV colour changing technology – when UV rays are present, the Konfidence logos on the suits will turn pink (girls suit) or blue (boys suit). So when they are busy happily playing on the beach or in the pool you’ll instantly know when the suit is protecting them from harmful UV rays. Plus this safety feature is also a fun way to teach your little ones about sun safety as it will bring smiles to their faces when the colour starts to change!
Made from the highest quality soft Lycra, which has been rigorously tested for colour fastness and durability, our all in one suits are great for younger children as the fabric stretches and moves with them. 
Both of these items are now staple on my must pack list for little man. We used these items in combination so while Leo was being protected from the sun, he was also gaining his confidence in the pool. If you ask Leo about his holiday, he will tell you just how much fun he had. Leo had the absolute best time, and he cannot wait to go away again. I may have even been looking at some last minute cruises...there are so many places to be seen, and cruising is a great option to see more than one place in the same holidays!

2 months later the memories that we made in Tunisia are still as alive as ever, and I can see that the experiences made by Leo over that week away have really instilled in him. We most definitely have caught the travel bug.. Now what will our next adventure be?


  1. This looks great. I'd never have thought about these before x

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing, it helped me a lot to be prepared the same way for my 5 years old son.


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