Friday 11 September 2015

The one with the Tarot Reading

Tarot reading

Regardless to your beliefs, sometimes things happen that can completely shake your views on the way the world works. Over the past few months I have been visiting a local bar that hold some pretty fabulous events. One of which is a Tarot and medium evening that is hosted once a month, and I have attended for the social factor on and off for the last 8 months or so. Now I am not saying that I believe, and I am not saying that I don't, but something happened last night that I quite simply cannot explain away.

The tarot reader took my ring, he didn't even offer me the cards to shuffle. The cards didn't come into play throughout the entire reading. He discussed my personal life, to which I could only muster 'oh my god' when he hit the nail on the head, he discussed my work life. He knew things that he quite simply could not have known, things I haven't even said out loud. He told me things I already knew, realisations that have only come to me very recently. He knew that I had some big decisions to make in terms of work and relationships, he knew that I wasn't overly committed to either at this moment in time. 

Out of the room full of people my reading seemed to last the longest, and was definitely the one that prompted the room to fall about laughing. I couldn't feign the truth that was coming out of his mouth, it was like he knew me inside and out. There were a few things that completely changed my mind set last night and I am so glad I opted to record what was said, I have listened to it over and over since I got home. It blows my mind each and every time. 

What really got me was when he told me that there was an elderly man stood there commenting on how much weight I had lost since he was alive. That right there was enough for me to almost choke on the big piece of cake I was now devouring and send shivers down my spine... Whether you believe or not, unless you know me, follow me on Instagram or read this here blog.. You quite simply wouldn't know that I had lost weight. He went on to say a few more things that made me believe that it could only have been Leo's Great Granddad who passed away in May 2014.

There was so much more, things that I would have forgotten in the sea of information that I walked away with last night. I have never had such an accurate, spot on reading where I have come away nodding along with absolutely everything that was said. He got it right down to specific people, he didn't name names, but the descriptions and information that came out were just on a whole new level of WOW. 

So today it may sound like I am losing the plot, maybe I am? Maybe I did a long time ago. Whatever it is I am feeling pretty amazing about what was said. 

Has anyone else ever had an experience like this that they cannot explain away? Just when you thought that there was no more wonder left in the world... Something like this comes along and blows your mind.

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