Tuesday 1 September 2015

The One with the Back to School Shopping List

With September upon us and the summer holiday winding down, it's hard to comprehend how Autumn is nearing ever closer. At times it really has felt like the Summer holiday has lasted forever, but when it comes down to it, it has gone in the very blink of an eye.
On the 7th September my little man is starting school. Yup that little baby that I have been talking about non stop for the past 4 years, is starting his very first day in reception. When I think back to to the topics that I have covered here with you all, it makes me smile. I have spoken about everything from giving birth, to vomit, to potty training. I have literally spoken about our entire existences and I really love thinking that parent's who walk this journey a few steps behind us, may take comfort in knowing that it's all normal. We all have our up days, and we have our down. It's ok to shout, it's ok to cry, it's even ok not to have a clue what you are doing.
Sometimes you just need to put your hands in the air, and wing it. 
I think that's what I have been thinking most about really, when Leo starts school I have quite a lot of time on my hands, and I am really excited to fill that time right here. It has been a little quiet around here recently, I have noticed the odd tumble weed floating about and I send my apologies. It has been a bit of a crazy summer and I have discovered first hand how kitting a reception child out for school is no easy feat..Like I said... Winging it!

I have been over and over exactly what Leo starting school means, and I as I prepare myself to actually wave that my beautiful boy of mine off into school with his peers next week, I have been running over exactly what a school child needs to attend.
Back to school shopping has been in full swing since schools broke up, I mean the displays were out in Tesco before the bells even rang in July! The whole buying uniform malarkey alone has proven interesting, it’s like the whole world has gone crazy for tailored trousers and polo shirts! If there is one thing that I have discovered it’s that, kitting a child out for their first day of school is no easy feat, and it costs a pretty penny too.

Shopping for everything you need sooner rather than later has its benefits, it means that you can spread the cost and get to work adding your child’s name to absolutely everything that you can imagine early on, so that when they join the ranks of all the other children (In exactly the same uniform!) your child’s clothing can be easily identified. You may feel like a crazed person with a label gun, but you will thank yourself later on. Of course most importantly getting everything you need at the start of the summer holiday means that you aren’t going to stress yourself out, as let’s face it you will be filled with so many emotions on that very first day, we definitely don’t want to add ‘stressed’ to that list.
I found that getting Leo involved in the purchasing process has really helped him get excited and assisted in preparing him for what is to come. He has chosen his own school bag, lunch box, and even helped pick out his own school shoes. 
After all he is the one that all this is for, so it made sense to me to give him the right to choose. I think it’s a great way to help ease any anxiety that may be felt, and make it a fun experience that they can look forward to.
I have finally got to the end of my shopping list, does yours look anything like this one?
The Life Unexpected Back to School List
School Uniform
- 2 x Polo Shirts
- 4 x White Shirts
- 1 x School Fleece
- 2 x School Jumpers with School Logo
- 2 x School Trousers
- 4 x Vests

- School Shoes -  Leo picked a gorgeous pair of Kickers Season Strap shoes from Cloggs. They boast velcro which was an important feature for us as we haven't yet opened the door on learning to tie our shoe laces just yet. As Leo will be at school and taking part in P.E. and other activities that will require him to be able to put his own shoes on and off, we decided that this would be the perfect option. When I first saw these shoes I was reminded of a pair of my younger brother's shoe for 6th form, they really are something special and make Leo look like a rather dapper business man. 
At £39.99 they are really well priced for such a gorgeous pair of leather shoes, not to mention that they are scuff proof, this was another one of those essential features that we couldn't go without.
- Socks
- Name labels
 PE Kit
- 2 x Polo Shirts
- 1 x Sports Shorts
- 1 x Sports Pumps
- 2 x Sports Socks
- Water Bottle
- Sports Bag
 The School Run
- Winter Coat

- Lightweight Rain Coat - Earlier this summer we were sent the Kozi Kidz Varberg Uggla Fleece Lined Rain Jacket with Orange Owls in preparation for our growing back to school list. We have actually been making the most of using it when the weather has called for it, and we can confirm that this bright vibrant jacket is equally as gorgeous up close and personal. 
Kozi Kidz PU are award wining jackets for our little people. They make the greatest outwear and provide fantastic protection from the rain. These rather snazzy jackerts are made from phthalate free polyester with a polyurethane (PU) coating, welded seams and waterproof zips. 
 it is completely 100% waterproof, and we can confirm that it has been a godsend to Leo on days where we have had to pop out to the shops, and the skies have opened up, caught us and only left Leo with a smile on his face. They have a great hood that keeps the rain well away from Leo's face, and they even provide snug warmth with fleece- lined bodies made from 200g polyester and synthetic sleeve insulation to make it easier to take the jacket on and off.

Features include:
- 100% (3000mm) waterproof
- Detachable hoods on the jackets
- Reflectors for increased visibility
- Name labels
- Adjustable elasticated braces on dungarees
- Machine washable
- Zip garage at chin
- 200g polyester fleece lining
Have you now finished your back to school shopping? Are we all ready for the start of the new school term!?

Disclaimer: We were supplied with a pair of Kickers School shoes and the Kozi Kids Water Proof Jacket in eachange for our honest opinions. All views expressed are that of Life Unexpected.

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