Monday 21 September 2015

A Typical Food Day for this BBG Girl

I have been following Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide for the past 31 weeks now, and one of the biggest lessons I have learned is that when you are trying to achieve your goals, food is the absolute basis for everything. 

You can exercise all you like, but unless you follow through with your diet plan, long term you aren't going to for fill your all time objectives. I tell you this from experience. Back in August I was much leaner than I am today, and that is because my eating was working hand in hand with my exercise regime. 

Today my eating is getting back where it should be, but I expect it to be a good few weeks before I get back to where I was. It really does just go to show how much you can undo when you fall off the band wagon and your eating goes to pot. Today I wanted to walk you through a typical meal plan for a typical day in my shoes. I am no dietitian, I don't proclaim to know everything, because I am not trained and I quite simply don't, but this is what works for me personally, and they are meals that I enjoy...


Breakfast can be a variety of different things for me, after all it is the most important meal of the day. 

These are some of my favourite and a regular go to breakfast choice for me.

- Hard Boiled Eggs on Rye - It's a great way to start the day and always keeps me feeling full and sustained.
- Coconut Porridge with honey - This is an indulgent breakfast for me, I absolutely love it and I could eat so much more than I probably should!

- Green Smoothie - I enjoy these as it is a great way to kick start the morning, your getting a blast of everything that is good for you, it's filling and nutritious all at the same time.

- 2 Weetabix with coconut milk and honey.

Bikini Body Guide Food


I snack throughout the day, one in the morning around 11am and once again in the afternoon around 3pm. It's so important to keep yourself fuelled especially when you are training so you want to pick snacks that are going to provide you with energy and there are many different options that can help you feel full and benefit your goals.

- Celery and Peanut Butter
-  1 Apple
- Almonds
- Water Melon
- Blue Berries
- Hard Boiled Eggs

I seem to be favouring eggs in every corner of my day to day life at the moment. For me they are the ultimate fast food and I think that is why I love them so much. I boil them up in batches and keep them in the fridge so that I have a protein blast to hand whenever I fancy one. The problem is..I can eat quite a few in one sitting!


I find if I have a big breakfast, sometimes I am not feeling a huge lunch. A typical lunch for me could be anything of the following:

- Omelette with a sprinkling of cheese and a side salad.
- Chicken Wholemeal Wrap
-  Ham and Cheese on Rye Crackers
- Steak and Salad
- Chicken and Salad
- Water Melon


Dinner is by far my favorite meal of the day. and I seem to go through phases of what I am really enjoying. If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I am absolutely loving Steak at the moment. Thankfully there are so many different ways that you can enjoy steak.

- Chilli Steak on a bed of baked Broccoli, Spinish and Kale with a sprinkling of fresh Parmesan. 

- Chilli Steak with Sweet Potato Fries and Corn on the Cob

- Chilli Steak and Mediterranean Vegetables

Other dinner variations include:

- Chicken Pesto Pasta 
- Chicken topped with Pepperoni and Cheese on Whole Grain Rice
- Honey and Soy Chicken with black pepper and vegetables
- Chicken/Steak Stir Fry
- Omelette
- Vegetable Base Pizza - Why not try Courgette Base

Night Time Hunger Pangs

If you are anything like me than night time is the worst. It's when you want to just reach for the chocolate and be done with it, but you don't have to throw in the towel. When hunger strikes the first thing you need to do is drink some water. It could just be that you are thirsty. 

If that doesn't cut it, then maybe these solutions that I use regularly might to do the trick:

- Camomile Tea with Honey (my favourite flavour has to be Twinings Soothing Camamile and Spiced Apple! It's got a gorgeous taste and is a great way to un-wind for sleep!).

- Cacao Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon and Honey. You can find the recipe here.

I especially find that the Cacao Hot Chocolate stops you feeling hungry because it's so thick and indulgent, and not to mention that it sustains your sweet tooth at the same time! 

It's all about moderation...

I am currently taking my eating right back to basics and making sure that I am giving my body everything it needs for fuel. I let it get out of control but I am taking it back, and I am now ready to continue hitting my goals.


  1. Hi laura :) thx for posting your food diary, it's good to see what you eat as you've lost such a lot of weight and look fab :) i wondered if you'd changed the amount of food eaten though from when you were at you're heaviest to now? Thx

    1. Hi lovely! It's my pleasure ! When I first started to lose the weight last June, I literally just started by making small changes. Instead if Coke I would drink water, Instead of chocolate, I would have fruit. I still eat the same portions as I did then (well unless I have fallen off the bandwagon of course!) x

  2. my eating is certainly going to get make over once baby is here i will have a lot of weight to shift so need to be motivated

    1. I think the eating is the biggest impact of everything :D

  3. Thanks for sharing this, I really need to look at my diet so this is really helpful x

  4. I am in awe of your determination, I normally fall at the first hurdle as I love my food. I'm also not a smoothie person or a porridge person which makes life so much more difficult.
    Best of luck

    1. Thank you Mari! Food is definitely one of the hardest things to conquer. Now it's just second nature. I fall off the wagon, I eat to much but I know i can get back to it. xx

  5. I really need to make some steps to eating better. I am pretty good with breakfast, lunch and dinner, but snacks are my downfall

  6. You are such an inspiration and doing so well. I need to get more organised as it's when I get tired and have nothing healthy prepared/I leave it too long to eat and need a quick fix.

    1. I agree food prep is key, I usually boil up a dozen eggs so I have them at the ready!

  7. Your IG photos are so delicious looking I could gobble them all up! Your meal plans are delicious and inspiring, no wonder you look so good!

  8. Your food diary is truly inspirational. I love the sound of coconut porridge.

    1. If you try just one thing, make it the coconut porridge!

  9. It's always interesting what other people eat! I think we eat fairly healthily but I always fall at my daily cake and latte in the coffee shop ;) x

    1. I am partial to the coffee shop, I can't stay away!

  10. You food looks delicious, I need to be far better with my eating as I am terrible for unhealthy food

  11. Your meals look delicious - particularly your lunches yum! x

  12. Oh wow your food looks absolutely amazing. I'd love for you to pop round with a food parcel every day LOL. I need to start doing this and stop being distracted with chocolate and wine! Not together obvs :)

  13. Wow hun, can I come and live with you? Looks delicious

  14. Wow hun, can I come and live with you? Looks delicious

  15. wow how inspiring i need you in my life for support you look fab


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