Wednesday 23 September 2015

Fireman Sam Heroes of the Storm DVD Review

Fireman Sam Heroes of the Storm

Back in the Summer Holiday's Leo and I were invited to London to a rather exciting premier. The premier of Fireman Sam's latest feature film: Fireman Sam Heroes of the Storm. Unfortunately we were busy that day and couldn't make the rather splendid event. The fantastic team over at Mattel very kindly sent us the DVD and a Fireman Sam Helmet with sounds so that we could still get involved. 

It made a lovely treat for Leo when he arrived home from school last week, as last week was the start of his first full day in the school setting, so when he arrived home to such a lovely surprise he really was over the moon. It is safe to say that school is tiring that little man of mine right out, so we are opting to spend afternoons following the school day, quietly and usually with a film. Of course the movie of choice last week was Heroes of the Storm!

Fireman Sam Heroes of the Storm

What's it all about?

The Pontypandy Fire Station has been closed down following the construction of a much newer modern station, and with that two new recruits have arrived. While the new station is being constructed the crew are having to work from a mobile command unit. Of course if something can go wrong...It wil go wrong and in this instance, it's the approaching hurricane that is about to hit Pontypandy!

The crew jump in to action to prepare the town, with Sam rushing to the old mines to warn Penny and Elvis left in charge at the station. As the wind whips up and the rain lashes down, it's a race against time to save the residents of Pontypandy. 

The film has so many different emergencies going on that it definitely helped keep Leo entertained and the entire duration of the film saw Leo sat on the very edge of his seat. He asked questions about what was going on, why was Sam doing that? And the entire time saw him sitting with his very special Fireman Sam Helmet on his head.

The film retails at: £5.99 and you can get your very own Fireman Sam Sound Helmet from Amazon for £14.97.

Fireman Sam Heroes of the Storm

Disclaimer: We were sent the Fireman Sam Sounds Helmet and Fireman Sam Heroes of the Storm DVD in exchange for our honest thoughts and opinion. 

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