Sunday 13 September 2015

The Bikini Body Guide

Freya Venice Beach Bikini Set

'How do I get a bikini body?'
Take a bikini, put it on and VIOLA. 

I am a firm believer in being happy in the skin you are in. If you feel comfortable and happy in whatever you are wearing. Wear it, feel confident and shine.

You may sit there and say, but you didn't. That is true, I didn't feel comfortable, I didn't feel happy and I definitely didn't shine when I thought about donning a bikini. The thought of having to wear one aided my decision to avoid swimming, and any social situation that meant I may have to show more of myself than I was comfortable.

For me I did have to do a little bit more than just slip on a bikini to achieve my own personal bikini body mission, but I am certainly not saying that it isn't just as simple as that, because for the majority of people it should be that simple, and it is that simple.

I had to build myself back up, I had to remember that I was a person to and that I deserved to feel healthy and happy. It took me treating myself kindly to find my bikini body, because really all a bikini body is a testament to how you feel inside. If you feel good, you look good.

Freya Venice Beach Bikini Set
The Freya Venice Beach Bikini Set . Top £36.00Bottoms £20.00
Finding a bikini is all about dressing for your shape, if you have larger boobs this will most definitely reflect in the bikini top that you choose. For me personally it doesn't matter, I have never been large on top, and my fitness mission saw to the rest of that. So this means that I can get away with little to no support (and do you know what? I am actually quite grateful for this!). Years ago bikini shopping was a long drawn out process for me, simply because I was on the hunt for this magical creation that would abolish fat, gift me with bigger assets (who cares if it's deceptive!) and make me look like a super model. 

Today I am a much more realistic about the powers possessed by the conventional bikini, and I appreciate them that little bit more. The shopping process is that much easier these days since I am no longer expecting a miracle. I can pick what I want and know that it will fit, and my body will quite simply look how it is supposed to look. it won't make my stomach any flatter, it will simply be what it is.

Life Unexpected's Top Tips for choosing a bikini

1. Determine your body shape! 

2. Choose a top - The cut, color and fabric of your bikini top can all make a big difference in how it looks on you.

3. Choose a bottom - The bottom's that you select will determine how your bum looks! They also possess the power of emphasizing your legs or direct the attention away from them

4. Be confident and happy in your choice - wear your bikini with a smile. 

The Helly Hansen W Ignite Bikini Set  W Ignite Bikini Set: Top £25.00. Bottoms: £25.00

I believe that all women should have the right to feel confident and beautiful in their swimwear. Whatever shape or size, we all have that right to shine. If the process is as simple as taking the bikini out of the draw and putting it straight on that is absolutely amazing and completely inspiring in it's self. If like me you have had to dig a little deeper to find that sparkle, then that's fantastic too. and if you have been spurred into your very own fitness journey, you know exactly how exhilarating it feels.

We all have our own strengths and insecurities but we all have the opportunity to feel amazing in our swim wear.

'How do I get a bikini body?'
Take a bikini, put it on and VIOLA. 

Disclaimer: I was sent the Freya Venice Beach Bikini Set and the Helly Hansen W Ignite Bikini Set in exchange for this feature. All views are completely honest and my own.

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