Thursday 29 October 2015

Holiday Plans for 2016

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The days are cold and the nights are dark, Autumn has taken hold and the warm days of summer are a mere memory that seems to have come and gone in the very blink of an eye. I am one of those people who just adores the warmer months, sipping a cocktail in a beer garden when the sky is completely clear and the sun is caressing your skin. I cannot wait to get these colder months over and done with, and swing back around to warmer days and sunshine.

Now Christmas hasn't even arrived yet, and my thoughts are surpassing it in favour of holidays. This year I want to get something booked up sooner rather than later and have something to look forward to, something to count down to and to get excited about. 

This year we went as a family to Tunisia, and it was the most perfect week that we could have hoped for. All of these months later, Leo is still talking about the adventures he had and the friends that he made, and in all honesty it had been my intention to return again over the course of the Summer. Of course with everything that happened, the timing didn't seem right, and now as I look ahead for next Summer, it has been an option that I have ruled out. 

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I want to travel a little bit further now that Leo is older. See more of the world and show Leo the different cultures, their beliefs and way's of life. I want him to grow up with an appreciation for difference. I want him to know that being different is a strength and something to be celebrated, and I believe that through travelling and letting him grow up experiencing these wonderful aspects of life, he is going to just accept it in his stride.

As I want to see so much of the world and travel around, a cruise is ranking quite highly on my list of holiday options at the moment. I think travelling with Leo on my own is quite a big responsibility, so heading off an a cruise could be the answer to our prayers, and because there are so many different packages available, I could definitely find something that ticks my boxes, and of course Leo's too. There is quite a lot for me to consider before I commit to anything, but I know that I absolutely will be taking Leo away at some point next year.

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Of course now Leo is at school, it means that I realistically have to travel during the school holidays. You have to love that curve ball right? As if planning a holiday wasn't a thought provoking subject enough, before you have to look at the school holiday's and in turn watch as the holiday prices shoot up, up and up right before your eyes!

For now I am going to look towards Christmas, focus on painting that smile on Leo's face and watch was the magic un-folds all around him. Then in January, I am going to start looking at our holiday options again.

Are you already thinking about next year's holiday?

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