Friday 30 December 2011

Leo and his Slugs & Snails

Not so long ago I told you all about my amazing new discovery, Boy's Tights! by Slugs & Snails. If like me, you have scoured the high street and maybe even the Internet, for tights for your little blue will have come up short. Just like I did...

I love shopping for clothes for Leo, but I am often left dis-heartened when I realise again and again, just how little choice there is out there for Mummy's and there little boys. So when I came across Kat and her new business venture, I just had to get Leo some boy's tights of his very own!

As soon as I pressed confirm and ordered Leo's Slugs & Snails, I was excited. I found myself staking out the post man each morning until they arrived, and as soon as they did...I instantly placed Leo in them.

Not only did Leo look amazingly cute, he was also dressed perfectly for the winter months. The tights can be worn under jeans, which for me is this eliminates the need for socks, we always seem to lose socks when we are out and about. However, it seems ashame to cover up the charming designs. These tights should be worn loud and proud. They should be on show and not hidden under other clothes!

The sizes are very giving and we opted for the 6 to 12 months. The fact that Leo will get at-least 6 months wear out of them, put a real grin on my face.

Everywhere I go, we are getting compliments on Leo's tights, and everyone wants to know where we managed to obtain such tights...for BOYS! Of course I happily pass on the Slugs and Snails website address, and don't think it will be long before Leo is no longer the only baby boy in Worcestershire with the trademark tights.

I want Kat to know that she is doing an amazing job bringing boys tights to the market, and I wish her all the luck for the future. I look forward to continue dressing Leo in Slugs and Snails for many years to come.

Those of you who have not yet checked out Kat's website, head over there now and check out Slugs & Snails.


  1. I love this! How ace that you, like me, think they are great on their own as well as under trousers! I hope Leo is toasty warm all winter. We have new designs being sampled now for winter/spring and I love them more than this seasons. Thanks a mill for all your support! x K@

  2. Kat, they are just to stylish to hide under jeans! I much prefer to rock them in all their glory!

    I am very excited about these new designs :-)

    And it really is a pleasure, I think everything your doing is amazing!

  3. Just headed over and 'liked' you from babycentre, these tights are ace! I have a little girl but what a great idea for little boys and the designs are brilliant! Didn't realise you were a local lady Laura, I too am from worcs! X

  4. Thanks for commenting and liking! Ahh where abouts in Worcs are you??
    Kat has a lovely range that she will be expanding in the Spring, and even though the main aim is baby boys, she welcomes baby girls to help support by wearing them also :-)) They are fab!


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