Friday 30 December 2011

Here's to 2012

Technically The Life and Times of The Working Mum turns one in January, although that could be argued as I posted once, and then I disappeared off the face of the earth...well... so to speak. I thought I would share some of my favourite posts of the year, as a way to finish off 2011 and kick start 2012.

It really has been a whirl wind year, but it has been truly eye opening and amazing. I would not change a thing, but part of me wonders if I am ready to let go of 2011, as so much has happened and I am now a completely new person. I am a Mummy.

I do look forward to 2012 and all of the excitement that comes with it, as so many firsts are still to happen.

My very first post the Life & Trials - Debut  talks all about the reservations I had in regards to my pregnancy, and the questions building up about financial matters. Looking back I needn't have worried as much as I did. If only I could have foreseen all the amazing things that were going to happen in 2011.

The next post I wish to re-visit with you is my walk through pregnancy and all that comes with it. I wish I had appreciated my new found curves while they were there, as I was one of those women who was constantly thinking how I resembled some sort of blubbering whale...but looking back I have very fond memories of my Leo bump.

After a pregnancy there is always a birth, here is my Birth Story, I have to put my hands up and admit that I did have a very straight forward labour. I like to think that is why Leo is such a good baby. I had a water birth and wouldn't change it. Leo is my little water baby.
Back in October I came across Milas Day Dreams, Leo and I teamed up and produced our own attempts of the fantastic originals! Coincidentally we named them Leo's Day Dreams.
Keeping in with the creative streak, for Halloween we even attempted to carve our own pumpkins! By we...I do mean I.
Back In November, all I could think about were Christmas Time Traditions and how I could make Leo's first Christmas one to remember. I loved all the feedback given by readers and I am happy to share that I will be implementing a few into future Christmas's.
I like to think that readers see Leo growing up through my posts, and I have shared many of Leo's firsts with you all, he first rolled over back in November and when he laughed his first hearty chuckle earlier this month.

So there we have it, a re-cap of some of my fondest memories of 2011, I hope you enjoy having a flick through.
I wish you all a Happy New Year, and I will be back in 2012 with many more adventures that Leo and I stumble upon.

Technically on the 20th January 2012, The Life and Times of The Working Mum turns one!

How will we mark the occasion?

Happy New Year all!

Love Laura & Leo xx

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