Tuesday 22 November 2011

Christmas Time Traditions

Christmas Time Traditions

With Christmas almost knocking on the door, it has got me thinking about long running family traditions that complete your annual festivities.

For me it is important to spend Christmas at home with my parents, brothers and sister. Obviously this year...Leo is going to be joining in the festive fun, and I want to carry on my own family traditions and also bring some new ones into the equation.

Normally Luke and I have Christmas at our own parents home, and then meet up after we have had our Christmas lunch and exchange gifts. This year we have had to debate....who gets Leo? Obviously we both want to be with our baby boy and share his first Christmas with him, and watch him play with his wrapping paper, marveling at the joy in his eyes!

Luckily we have reached a compromise and we will all be spending Christmas at home with my family, and opening the house up in the evening for Luke's family to come and visit Leo and share the festive cheer. It is so hard to please everyone, but for me Christmas is only Christmas at home.
The last thing I want is to intrude on Luke's traditions with his family, but how do we meet each other half way without gallivanting all over the country?

Leo's presents have all been hand crafted in Santa's workshop and are safely wrapped, ready to be delivered to Leo on Christmas day in his very own personalised Santa's sack. His named stocking is ready to hang on the fireplace, and there is even talk of the glass of sherry and mince pie that will be left out for Santa to have a sit down and rest bite on his night time cruise.

We all have our own tree decoration in our house, one that dates back to our very first Christmas. To carry on this tradition I have purchased Leo some of his very own decorations. He has one with his name and also one specifically aimed for baby's first Christmas and allows me to put in a picture of him enjoying his big day! When Leo is of the age of being able to decorate the tree, we will do this together as a family. This is something that should be fun for everyone involved, and I will love sharing this task with Leo, I will lift him up high to put the angel pride of place on top of the tree for everyone to see.

When I was younger we always used to read 'The Night Before Christmas' on Christmas Eve, this always used to fill me with excitement, and I hope that this will instill in Leo also.

I grew up with all the belief in Santa, and I want Leo too as well. I want him to get excited about the man in red flying his sleigh through the night with Rudolph lighting his way to bring presents to all the girls and boys. I want him to believe in the magic of this time of year, for as long as possible. I am so excited about Christmas this year, and this is all down to Leo, It is a day truly all about children and having a baby, for me makes it so much more special.

Leo will be leaving out a carrot for Rudolph on the lawn, right next to his 'Santa Please Stop Here' sign, who knows maybe in the morning there will be hoof prints and a half eaten carrot...curtousy of Luke :-)

I have already told Luke that I want us to take Leo on the Santa Express train local to us, he seemed amazed that I wanted to do it this year...when Leo wont even remember it. This may be the case, but pictures tell a thousand words, and I shall be taking so many photos! Leo will have such a detailed childhood told through pictures and words, so he will be very aware of it, even if it isn't a crystal clear memory in his mind. I will tell the story to him.

I really want to get a picture of Leo with Santa this Christmas, I only hope this is still possible...with all the regulations these days, I have been told that children can no longer sit on Santa's lap! If this is what the world is coming to then how sad is that? If the innocence of having a picture taken of your child and Father Christmas is gone....then I am utterly lost for words! Unfortunatly I am determined to obtain this image and if I cannot do this on our exciting train journey, then I shall be on the hunt for a grandparent or two to play dress up!

I am currently planning some exciting activities for Leo and I to do over the 12 Days of Christmas and the run up to the 25th December 2011, consisting of baking, days out and other crafts! We are going to be in for a busy but enjoyable time.

So I have to ask, what are your family traditions? Do you carry on traditions your parents past down? Have you implemented your own traditions in order to add your own magic to Christmas?

I look forward to reading all about your traditions and may even take some of your ideas on board to add more festive fun to my list!

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Now we just have to wish for snow!


  1. Aww!! Lovely post! :)

    Where are you taking Leo to see santa? Oli's been to the one at the country park for the last two years so am taking him up there again this year :) You also need to let me know more about this choo choo santa train! xxx

  2. Hey Emma :-)

    I think there is a Santa express that runs from Toddington from early December! I need to clarify but I am pretty sure! As for visiting Santa... I may go to a few places! Hehe...

    Is the one at twyford much good? Xx

  3. Hi Laura, you have some lovely Christmas traditions and a baby's first Christmas is always special. It's such a precious time when little ones believe....sadly mine don't anymore :(......So we've created new traditions, one being every year the girls are allowed to visit the local ( posh ! ) garden centre and choose a decoration for the tree. They're also allowed to choose any cake from the cafe they want, regardless of how much it costs or whether it's too big for them to finish! Anyway their special decoration goes on the tree along with all their others from previous years and when they eventually leave home, they get to take a box with all their decs in, so they have special decs and memories to hang on their very own trees. Well we think it's sweet :) xx

  4. Thanks for commenting :-)

    I have to say I love the decoration tradition you have going! It is such a lovely idea and one your children will have to treasure for always!

    The cake idea is AMAZING! I look for every excuse to purchase a bit of cake, what better excuse than Christmas!

    Thanks for the lovely, lovely ideas!! :-)) xxx

  5. I nearly cried when our dog knocked over the tree and one of the decorations my parents bought for when I was born broke. So even though Leo may not remember this Christmas events he will grow up with the memories that you create for him. My son is now 12 but I love the fact that he now does a quick inventory that we have done the Christmas traditions. Merry 1st Christmas together.

  6. Hi Elinor,

    Sorry I am just getting back to you, thanks very much for your comment. It is lovely to know that the Christmas traditions live on well Into their Christmas's for years to come.

    Sorry to hear your dog broke a special decoration. I hope you all had a lovely Xmas together :-)) xx


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