Thursday 24 November 2011

Garden Games - Replacement Trampoline Pads

I am a big trampoline fan, and I imagine next summer when Leo has found his feet…he will be loving the bouncing forgiving ways of the trampoline for himself!

I have been thinking about the current state of our trampoline for a while, and obviously if I intend to let Leo use it next year, then I need to make sure that is up to scratch and of course safe!

Keeping safety in mind, with the trampoline in it’s current state I would not be happy to let Leo on it. There are a few things I need to improve on the safety front first, one of which being safety pads.

Leo and I have been sent a set of Deluxe Replacement Trampoline Pads to review from Etoyszone - Garden Games. These pads are absolutely brilliant and fit any round trampoline out there, they also come in a variety of sizes too.

We have the 14ft specification to fit our trampoline soundly. The new pads are so much thicker than the originals that came as standard with the trampoline from new. This results in a softer landing if by chance a fall was to occur, and as a added bonus you cannot feel the springs through the pads.

This does provide me with reassurance that the pads really do their job effectively, this means there is a significantly less chance of bumps and bruises for my lovely Leo, and also myself of course.

The material the pads are made out of is really effective and that is because they are constructed from shock absorbing closed cell memory foam. They are encased in a very hard wearing canvas material which is UV resistant and waterproof, and for all of us that live in the UK I am sure we can all appreciate the crazy weather we often experience, but with these pads they will with stand the elements and not crack when exposed to frost or sunlight!

I have to say I am so very happy with these trampoline pads, as safety is paramount to me and my family. I feel that they are amazing value for money and they really exceed expectations, with a 2 year warranty added to the deal then you can’t go wrong!

So For all of you eager bouncers out there, you can pick up a Deluxe Trampoline Pad for yourself from £37.80 for an 8ft up to £64.99 for a 14ft set. Head over to Garden Games and check out their site for yourself, they have a whole range of outdoor fun and games to be enjoyed and for the really adventurous bunch of you…why not treat your kiddies to a Trampoline Tent! The big kid in me is loving the idea, when Leo is older I think I am going to end up spending a small fortune on exciting out door play.

Leo may be to small to experience the trampoline this year, but come next summer when he is up on his feet, we will enjoy his first trampoline experience together, in a safe and fun way!


  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Laura, I have always found the standard ones that came with ours a bit 'flimsy' so I think we have found our upgrade solution now!

    Taylor xx

  2. I am glad you found this helpful Taylor :-) xx


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