Wednesday 2 November 2011

Baby boy is growing up!

18 week old baby boy - baby milestones

Leo is a very determined baby, he knows to a certain degree what he wants, and what he most certainly doesn't want.

The latest thing in the long running line of things that he does not his hatred for the pram, at 18 weeks old he is telling me in his own special way, that he is far to old to be lay down and pushed around like a baby.

Leo tells me that the pram dis-pleases him by screaming all the way to our destination....or just on a stroll around town. He tells me by arching his head and rivalling his shoulders, trying to pull himself up. Upon picking him up....silence...he can see all around and is once again the usual bubby baby I know and love.

This has gone on for a number of weeks but today, I decided enough was enough and it was high time for me to accept that my baby is growing up, and he wants to see the world and no longer stare at the sky.

It only seems five minutes ago that he couldn't move much at all. Now he is so determined to do things, and it is only a matter of time before he is doing all the things he longs to.

So I ask you, where has my tiny newborn baby gone!?

We are the proud owners of the Mothercare Spin, it is such a fab travel systen and continues to do us proud. So now the pram component has made the transition from the travel bed into......the stroller.

Please Leo just slow down, stay small and don't rush. Mummy is not ready to let her baby grow up just yet. Just try to.... never grow could all stay this simple!

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