Friday 18 November 2011

Olly's Rainbow

Have you ever read a story where you think to yourself ‘that could be me?’ or a story that speaks out past the paper the text is printed on? Or leaps off the screen and speaks straight to your heart?

This is how I felt when I read Alex’s story....a story of how her 5 month old beautiful baby boy went to play with the angels on October 26th 2010.

Olly was a bouncy baby boy, and looked so happy and bubbly in every single photo I have seen, He was the picture of health. He is loved by so many people and lives on through a charity set up by family and friends, Olly’s Rainbow.

Olly’s Rainbow was set up with the aim to raise awareness to families whose babies make the unexpected transition to becoming angels, and growing their wings before their time.

Alex’s story raises much needed awareness for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and the charity are using the money raised to supply families on a low income a means to prevent SIDS knocking on their door. 

They are providing these families with the AngelCare Movement & Sound Monitors, This amazing piece of equipment comes with your usual sound monitors but also provides extra piece of mind with a movement sensor that gets placed underneath the baby’s mattress. If the baby stops breathing for 20 seconds an alarm sounds, giving you chance to act quickly and potentially save a life.

We are active users of the AngelCare Movement & Sound monitors and it really puts our mind at rest, it is an amazing technology and it has never gone off unexpectedly causing un-due alarm. I was touched to know that the charity our supplying these systems, as they are brilliant piece of equipment but at around £80.00 a set....they are not for everyone. 

My heart goes out to Alex and her entire family, I hope along the way of helping everyone that they do, Alex can see the good rising out of the darkness and realise how proud little Olly is of his Mummy. 

Please pop over to their official website for Olly's Rainbow and get friends and family to look to the skies...look for Olly and his many colourful rainbows!

Leo and I saw Olly just the other week....he shone brightly over a neighbours house, putting some glitter against a darkened sky.
Olly's Rainbow

For me this is such an important issue, and is something that I always worry about. So for me this heartbreaking story has made me question would I know what to do if the AngelCare alarm sounded? Would other readers know exactly what to do?

I am thinking hard about putting my name down for a first aid course, specifically to aid Leo if he ever did need me to in this way.

For now everyone....keep chasing those rainbows :-))


  1. this moved me to tears... Thank you. Love Olly's Mummy. xxxxx

  2. Beautiful , made me cry x

  3. Hi Alex :-)

    Thanks for stopping by, you truly are an inspiration! You are raising crucial awareness and doing such an amazing job! I will continue to follow your cause and help out where possible!

    Take care of yourself lovely and keep going strong. Olly Bolly must be so proud of his amazing mummy!! Xxx


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