Tuesday 8 November 2011

Tiny Prints Holiday Cards

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it was high time to start taking a look into which seasonal greetings cards, I was going to be sending out to friends and family this year.

This year being extra special....as it is Leo’s First Christmas and we want to mark the occasion by sending out very personal greetings cards.
I came across a lovely site called ‘Tiny Prints’ who offer a brilliant collection of Christmas cards to Birth announcements, there truly is a card for every occasion.
After having a look through all of their designs and adding the ones that stood out most to me, to ‘My Favourites bar’ so I could have one final look through, I decided that my final choice was most likely going to be the Dreamy Snow: Mauve. 
If any of you are interested in this design too, here is the link.

Tiny Prints Christmas Cards
I particularly liked the unique style of this greeting card as it can be hung up, where as the traditional card has to stand. Our family always tape string to the wall and hang up all the cards we receive; they act as another Christmas decoration and brighten up the rooms of the house even more. We are very big on everything Christmas in our family and insist on leaving out cookies and a glass of milk for Santa Clause himself! This is a tradition we will be instilling in Leo over the next couple of years!
The Dreamy Snow card stood out to me as this is Leo’s first Christmas, family will want to have a picture of him pride of place, and this card offers a lovely way to do this as It allows you to add your own personal touches to the cards, in the forms of text and of course your own photos. We had some lovely studio pictures taken of Leo, which I will be using for this year’s holiday cards.
So head on over for all your Christmas card needs and take a look around this year’s brilliant collection.

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