Sunday 13 November 2011

Who do you're children most look like?

As the weeks go by, Leo has started to really become his own little person. He has acquired his own cheeky little personality and really knows what he likes....but also what he really does not.
One thing is clear to me through all the change though...because as the weeks go by....he is growing to look more and more like his Dad. He is in fact Luke’s double!
Unfortunately I have not seen any photos of Luke as a baby, but I am pretty sure that if I did get hold of some, he would have many of the same characteristics as Leo does.
This got me thinking about genetics in general and wondering who your children look most like? Is it Mummy or Daddy? Or even a bit of both?
When I look at Leo all I can see is Luke staring back at me, the same big blue eyes and big Cheshire cat smiles...all be it Leo’s are very gummy and extra cute!

When it comes to personality I do believe that Leo will have inherited some of my traits....being very cheeky and outgoing. I know that as soon as Leo can get on the move he will.....and then I am really going to have my work cut out for me between him and his Dad!
Who do your children take after most?


  1. Our son looks like both of us!

  2. Thanks for commenting JSol :-)
    How lovely xxx


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