Thursday 3 November 2011

Dear Leo....

Dear Leo,

This sudden change in sleep pattern is not working for me. I know that at only 18 weeks old, you have always spoilt me with the amount of sleep you have allowed me to steal at any one given time.

Since you turned 15 weeks old this has all changed! You may only be getting up once a night....but I would love to know, when you think you will be ready to sleep through until 7:00am again.

Don't get me is lovely that at 4:00am you are in such a playful mood....and grinning like a cheshire cat....but no Leo, I don't want to play at this early hour.

If you could point me in the right direction of what you need for this to happen, you can rest assured it will happen, with no questions asked!

I thought you may be going through the dreaded four month growth spurt. Maybe you are? How long do you think this may last Leo?

So far you have sailed through every other spurt and without much disruption to either of us. I hope at the end of this transition, my amazing all night sleeper returns to me.

So Leo, for the moment I know that we have to get up for either a quick bottle of milk or a twilight playtime, but please remember Mummy will be a better Mummy with a few more hours shut eye! We will get you through your much needed growing time.....but please slot back into our little routine very soon!

 Love Mummy xx
4 month old baby - baby development

Dear 4 month growth spurt,

I am not a huge fan of yours, I know you bring about important changes in my baby boy, but you have had your clutches on him for weeks!

I just want to know how long you plan on sticking around? Why have you made this the worst hit yet?

So please 4 month growth spurt, It is high time you leave....enough is enough.

Thank you!

Leo's Mummy x


  1. What a clever way to write down how so many of us mothers feel when the sleep patterns change. You have a new follower in me!

  2. Thanks very much :-)) Thanks for stopping by! x


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