Tuesday 20 December 2011

Leo and the Letter from Santa

Letter from Santa

Late last week while Leo and I were going about our day to day business, the most unexpected and most wonderful thing occurred. A bright and exciting letter fell through the letter box and landed perfectly on the rug below.

I soon realised that this rather exciting envelope wasn't for me....it was for my little Leo. The entire envelope gave me so many clues to who the letter was from. Santa had written Leo a letter and sent it in the post just for him!

I quickly opened up the letter and began to read the letter to Leo, there was excitement in my voice while I studied each word with amazement....and the letter read.....

Dear Leo,

It's your first ever Christmas, the most special yet,
I'm Santa, Father Christmas, I'm so glad we've met,
Bringing you tidings of joy and good cheer,
And a sprinkling of magic at this time of year.

Handing out gifts to girls and to boys,
Who are hoping for presents like books and nice toys,
I'll be riding my sleigh accross the world in one night,
With Rudolph's red nose as my guiding light.

I'll squeeze down the chimney, fill stockings with care,
Trying so hard to keep soot from my hair,
And when I've laid out all the gifts just for you,
I'll relax with a mince pie (maybe even a few)

So your first ever Christmas with toys of your own,
I'll be back next year to see how you've grown,
With more special presents from my sleigh up above,
From your family and friends, and from me with love.

Merry Christmas Leo,

Love from,

Letter from Santa

It was such a lovely letter, and gesture from a very busy man at a very busy time of year. Leo is quite obviously a bit young this year...but next...if he is on Santa's 'Nice' List...he may get another....and I am sure he will love receiving his very own post, from the man in the red suit.

I am keeping this letter safe, so when he is a bit older he can read all about what Santa said in a letter talking all about his very first Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all, and I hope you are all enjoying the magic that comes with this time of year!

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