Monday 12 December 2011

Our visit to Walcot Hall

Walcot Hall Ludlow

This weekend has been a busy but peaceful one, we travelled the hour and a half drive to Lydbury North, to stay in Walcot Hall on a extended family break.

Leo met his Great, Great Aunt yesterday who is almost 85 years old! We were staying on the very top floor, up 3 rather daunting flights of stairs...however this did not phase Leo's Great, Great Auntie Caroline and she proceeded to climb all the stairs on her own, accepting no help from anyone around her!

Leo was in his element, getting attention from so many different family members, and with great humour the majority of the time, smiling and cooing in all the right places.

The weekend was to celebrate my Grans 83rd birthday, and just an excuse to gather the family together. When these weekends take place is usually results in my Dad's sister's enjoying the free flowing drink...and then singing or dancing precariously on tables! Luckily...this weekend was rather tame compared to previous ones!

The only problem with staying in a old house in the middle of winter with a young baby is the cold. I had looked ahead and for-seen this problem and took many blankets, but Leo never keeps his hands under the covers, resulting in cold hands and more wakes in the night than usual! In this instance we improvised with scratch mits! Leo awoke in the morning with toasty warm hands and a well rested Mummy.

The other problem with staying in a old absolutely everything goes bump in the night! The creaking pipes that at the time sound like someone slowly creeping across the floor towards your bed and the general atmosphere in a cold house can really cause a ambiance worthy of a haunted old manor house.

None of this bothered Leo of course, and we got through the weekend, only to return last night to find that Little Mix won the X Factor! I  have to admit that I had pinned everything on Amelia Lilly winning....and was very suprised and slightly dis-heartned to learn that she had been voted out on Saturday night!

How were all of your weekends?


  1. Awe bless, sounds like you had a wondeful time :)and little Leo behaved himself and no doubt won everybody over ! xxxxx

  2. Hi Bryony, Yes it was lovely & Leo was a star! How was your weekend?? xxxx


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